Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chapter 10

Melody sighed in blissful contentment between Terry and Killian. Her throat was a bit raw, her pussy was a bit sore, but she was still floating on the intense sexual high of their group coupling. With her bear snuggled against her back, she smoothed her hands over Terry’s chest, hips, and back. God, she loved men! Sure, some could be real assholes, but for the most part men were simply delightful. Hard muscles, firm cocks, coarse hair, and wonderfully agile tongues all contributed to her absolute love of the male body. She pulled him in for a kiss, stroking her tongue along his as she pressed their bodies together. She captured Terry’s groans and returned them when his hands gripped her ass to grind his twitching cock against her sodden cunt. Hell, yeah, she loved men.

“This is crazy, you know that?”

“Yeah, it probably is – oh yeah, a little harder,” she gasped when Terry bit down on her nipple. Her bear had given her a new love of harsh treatment to her tits and the human was being far too gentle with them. “But damn if it ain’t fun!”

“You got that right,” Killian growled over her shoulder. “My ass is going to be sore for a week, but hot damn that felt amazing!”

“Remember that when you want to stick that monster cock of yours in my ass.” Melody giggled.

She rolled onto her back to pull her sexy mate into her arms, then sighed when both men latched onto a taut nipple. When a scratchy tongue rasped along her slit, she peered down to see Brian’s amber cat’s eyes staring up at her. He winked, pressed his tongue deep into her pussy, and purred. “Shitdamnfuck and holy hell!” The expletives tumbled from her lips like a slinky on an escalator. The more she cursed, the deeper his tongue fucked her, and the louder he purred until she was reduced to babbling pure nonsense interspersed with random graphic curses. Killian pulled one of her legs over his thighs, and Terry followed suit, spreading her wide for the talented, raspy, and agile tongue of the bobcat shifter. Her body protested, whining that it was too tired and sated for more pleasure, but succumbed with an orgasm that curled her toes and coated Brian’s face with her juices. She lay panting as spots danced before her eyes, too tired to push the men from her tender breasts. Then Brian sucked her clit into his mouth and pressed a finger deep into her ass, and her world exploded again.

She woke to the sound of heavy breathing, deep moans, soft growls, and loud purrs. Her eyes widened at the sight of Killian’s massive cock disappearing into Brian’s slender ass. She drooled. God, that was so fucking HOT! The bobcat was purring around Terry’s revived member. It was decadent. It was sexy as fuck. It was missing one important person: namely, her. Not willing to be left out for long, Melody grabbed the lube and slithered between the purring cat and the older yet virile team leader. Pressing the bottle into Brian’s hand, she sank onto Terry’s cock with a moan.

“You guys started without me. No fair!” She rocked on the older man’s lap, humming with pleasure at how well he filled her. He wasn’t as massive as her bear, but still thick and long enough to tickle her fancy. The man’s face was priceless as he gazed up at her in shock. “What? Did you really think you were going to leave this room without getting at least one good fuck? Just keep an eye on Killian,” she winked and nipped at his lips as she felt the first touch of slick, cold fingers probe her ass, “he’s dangerous with that cock of his.”

The bear in question chuckled in a very growly way, his dangerous cock buried balls deep into the slim man in front of him. Melody giggled as he pulled Terry, and thus her, to the edge of the bed where Brian was slicking up his cock. She arched her back, pressing her generous breasts into her partner’s chest while raising her ass to the shifter behind her. He released a sound somewhere between a growl and a purr as he eased his cock into her puckered hole. Though it had been a while since she’d had a real, live dick in her ass, she remembered the sting, the burn, the sense of aching fullness. Having one in each hole, however, was a new sensation even for her adventurous nature. She felt like they were going to rip her in two.

And then someone moved.

She didn’t know if it was Terry, Brian, or Killian, but someone’s thrust moved all four of them, and her pussy and ass exploded into celebratory fireworks. Her nipples tightened until they rivaled diamonds. The coarse hair on Terry’s chest scratching and teasing and making her moan. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she ravaged his mouth, licking and sucking and tasting every inch. Cannons exploded. She was a one-woman Independence Day Show, with the main event centered on her stuffed crotch. Pleasure raced along her nerves and brought with it a bad case of Tourette’s. She cursed and moaned and begged as she rocked against the twin cocks impaling her. When Brian grabbed her hips, he and Terry began an alternating rhythm so that she was never left wanting. The thick cock in her pussy slid along her slick walls, rubbed her G-spot, and ground against her hard clit, while the slimmer but longer one stimulated her sensitive asshole and filled her bowels. The purrs were an added bonus; he was a living vibrator that reduced her mind (and ass) to a blob of hypersensitive jelly. Killian’s thrusts into Brian’s ass added strength and depth to the bobcat’s enthusiasm. Once again, the room echoed with the unusual sounds of human and animal lust. It was a miracle none of the hotel guests had called animal control on suspicion of inappropriate relationships with house pets.

By this point, Melody didn't much care if the hotel guests came up to watch. Had the police or human officers come to the door, she would have probably invited them into the orgy. Especially if they had nice thick cock to suck on. She was overloaded with sensation to the point that she couldn't count her orgasms as they rolled through her; they just blended into one gigantic OHMYFUCKINGGOD! Killian roared his release first, rattling the bottle of lube off the nightstand and jarring a picture from the wall. Brian followed next, pumping Melody’s clutching ass full of hot come with a satisfied purring grunt.  She thought she would have a moment to relax, but Terry had turned into a fucking machine. He rolled her over, threw her legs over his shoulders, and pounded hard into her sodden cunt. She clutched at his hips, uncertain if she wanted to push him away or pull him into her even harder. The bobcat settled it for her. He thrust his lubed fingers into the older man’s ass, which had Terry fucking and getting fucked at the same time. When Brian cradled his balls and rubbed his prostate, Terry gave a roar worthy of a shifter and coated Melody’s pussy with his come.

The older man eased her legs from his shoulders, burying his face in her warm, soft cleavage. He moaned as Brian coaxed another twitch and spurt from his wilting cock. Once more, they all collapsed onto the bed in a heap of tangled arms, legs, and sweaty bodies. She snuggled into her mate’s chest, shuddering when his fingers gave her another gut-wrenching orgasm. Then another. His happy rumbles alerted her that he wasn't quite finished playing with her yet. She whimpered when the others joined in, touching and caressing her over-sensitive body and keeping her on that cloud of ecstasy. Tears seeped from her eyes, the bed was soaked beneath her splayed legs, and her vision swam when they finally allowed her some rest. She drifted on the edge of consciousness, aware of little more than the warm embrace of her mate and the quiet but indistinct murmurs of male voices.

She floated on a cloud of strong arms, giggling sleepily at the sensation of weightlessness. They carried her across the room, into the bathroom, and held her as they sank into the warm bath. Melody lay clasped again his chest while he bathed her aching, tingling body with gentle strokes of a soapy cloth. She skimmed her fingers along his thighs and over the strong arm beneath her breasts. There was no need for words. Her touch thanked him for his tenderness; his thanked her for her willing enthusiasm. They both thanked the fates for bringing them together. Hours later, they cuddled on the bed unwilling to give in to the aggressive pull of sleep.

“Killian?” She lay on her side surrounded by his body as he curled around her back. He had one arm cushioning her head, but bent so he could palm her breast. The other crossed her lower abdomen and gripped her hip, holding her ass snugly against his half-hard cock. It was a possessive yet protective embrace. She adored it.


“Will Brian tell Terry about you two?” She trailed her fingers along his muscular, hairy arms. She hadn't really lusted after big, hairy guys, but she definitely saw the appeal in her furry bear. It didn't hurt that he was hung like one. Her pussy twitched; she wasn't sure if it was in gratitude or protest. “I mean, about being shifters? Neither of you were exactly subtle with the roaring and purring and shit.”

“Yeah.” His breath tickled her neck, but she turned her head to receive his kisses along its length. His lips teased the bruised area, and his tongue felt heavenly on her sensitive skin. She melted a bit further into the mattress with a happy sigh. “It’s a touchy subject, especially considering his profession, but there’s no way not to tell him at this point.”

“I guess I shouldn't have included him tonight, huh?”

“Hush, mate.” She smiled when he nipped her neck, a shiver running up her spine at the subtle reminder of his mating bites. “Never regret being the wonderful, joyous, sexual creature that you are. While he has the ability to cause problems, neither Brian nor I believe he will. Besides, he ignored half what we were saying because he was too busy gushing over how talented your wicked mouth is, how he’s never known anyone who could take his cock into their throat like you did, or how sinfully tight your pussy was. He is definitely in some serious lust, Melody.”

“Yeah, well, he’ll have to fall in lust with someone else. I’m quite happy with my bear.”

“Are you really?”

“Hell yeah.” She joined in his laughter, bringing his hand to her lips for a quick kiss before returning it to her breast. “Great ass, massive dick, talented tongue, and stamina from hell? Check, please! Plus, you have a lovely house, a steady job, no chopped up bodies in the freezer, seem like a genuinely nice guy, and did I mention you have a very talented tongue? I mean, seriously dude. That thing needs a warning label! It’s all bendy and raspy and long. It’s like getting fucked with a fuzzy snake on steroids. The getting furry thing is a bit weird, but it’s not a deal-breaker.” Melody arched her neck to catch a glimpse of his ruggedly handsome face and piercing green eyes. Lifting a hand from his arm, she reached up to run her fingers through his shaggy black hair. “Hell yeah, I’ll keep you, mate. I’ll fight anyone who tries to take you from me.”

“Told you we were soul mates.”

“Yeah, you did, and I thought you were full of shit. Who knew?” Melody giggled and rolled onto her back. She pulled him on top of her, sighing happily as he covered her in his warmth. Though he rested most of his weight on his arms, she loved how he pressed her into the mattress as they exchanged gentle but deep kisses. Her tender pussy stung when he eased his thick cock into her warmth, but she wrapped her legs around his waist in eager welcome. They made slow, tender love that night before falling asleep, still joined together.



The end

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chapter 09

The bear prowled the perimeter of the camp as the crew loaded up the truck with the tents and equipment. His mate looked delightfully disheveled, with her hair still mussed from her few hours of sleep and even more hours of wild sex. Once the final strap was tightened into place, Melody scanned the tree line, blew him a surreptitious kiss, and then joined the others in the truck. Killian grumbled all the way back to his home, but knew she would contact him as soon as she knew her hotel and room number. He had placed his phone number into her cell phone that night, and sent himself a text so he had hers. He wasn't about to let the craziness of their mating frenzy keep them from staying in touch.

As he entered the fenced-in back yard, he shifted smoothly from furry bear to very naked human. With nothing else to do now but wait, he showered, grabbed lunch, and sat down to work on some client contracts. Two hours later, his phone lit up with at least a dozen text message notifications. Easing his way out of the websites he had just hacked into, he jotted down the last of his notes on security holes and checked his phone. His dick threatened to rip a hole in his shorts at the images that popped up on his screen.

Melody’s first message was bland – name of hotel, room number, and that she’d left his name at the front desk to get a key. The rest were the horny bear’s wet dream come to life. Pictures of her in the bath, frothy bubbles outlining her gorgeous breasts and topping her rock-hard nipples. Pictures of her with her fingers deep inside her pussy and an accompanying message of wish you were here. Pictures of her in a waist-cinching corset thing that pushed her large tits into prominence and outlined the curve of her full hips and sweet ass. He drooled. His cock drooled. Wiping his chin, he transferred the photos to his computer, set up a slideshow, and stroked himself to completion staring at his sexy mate. His dick pouted, remaining half-hard in protest at the muted pleasure of a handjob over Melody’s sinfully tight pussy. He gave it a few more strokes in sympathy, confident they would sink back into her warmth soon. Stripping off his shorts, he took a second brief shower to rinse off the dried come and dressed in record time. Grabbing his phone, wallet, and lube – hey, he was taught to always be prepared – Killian darted out the door and aimed his truck for the hotel.

As the numbers dinged, he pondered the wisdom of undressing in the elevator. Sure, he might shock some old lady, but he’d be ready to pounce the moment the door closed behind him. He had freed the third button on his shirt when the elevator stopped to allow the requisite vacationing older couple onto the elevator. Though he greeted them with a polite smile, his dick returned to pouting. Now, he’d have to wait to undress. When the doors opened on Melody’s floor, he fled the elevator with unseemly speed, jammed the key card into the door, and entered… only to find his mate entertaining two of her crewmates in her room. He growled. His cock growled. It really didn't like the idea of more delays.

“Killian!” Melody ran over and gave him an enthusiastic kiss. She stroked her fingers over his bulging crotch before grabbing his hand and leading him towards a side door. “C’mon, I’ll show you where to put your bag, then introduce you to the guys.” The moment the door closed behind her, she launched herself at him and they tumbled onto the bed. Her hands roamed his body as she controlled their kisses, sliding under his shirt to pinch his small nipples, slipping beneath his waistband to rub his throbbing cock. God damn, his mate was amazing.

“Melody,” he groaned, rolling her onto her back and tugging her shirt above those magnificent tits. “As much as I’d love to fuck you ‘til the neighbors called security, you have guests in the outer room. Can’t we get rid of them?”

“I was kinda hoping, oh you wicked man not so hard, we could all play as a last hurrah sort of thing.”

“All of us, mate?” Both of his heads perked up in interest. That bobcat’s throat had been heaven when he purred around his cock.

“Yeah. I've been lusting for a taste of Terry since I started the show, and I know Brian wants a shot at your ass. What do you say, Killian?”

“We need a way to pull the human in. He could freak out if we just started getting naked.” A slow grin spread over his face at the thought of such hedonistic lust.

“Strip poker. I think he’d be game for that, and we can go from there. Brian is all for it.” He groaned when she rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. “Will you let him fuck you, my sexy bear? ‘Cause that would be so freakin’ hot.”

“I confess to being curious after the two of you showed me how good your fingers felt.

“Wonderful!” She rolled them so she pressed him into the mattress, sliding her tongue along his as she sank into their kiss. Her skin was flushed when she came up for air, and he again praised the Fates for sending him such a perfect mate. “I've already ordered up a snack tray and wine.”

Two hours, three trays, and a bottle of wine later, the players were in various stages of undress. Melody had declared the game should be played in the bedroom of the large suite, citing the ability of the kitchenette’s table to hide all the juicy bits. Terry blushed but agreed. The two shifters had merely shrugged; they weren't body shy in any way. They had decided that the winner of the hand had to remove an article of clothing, and Killian laughed at the many ways they all struggled to lose. Since folding was an automatic loss, it was forbidden unless the player was willing to remove a piece of clothing anyway. Inevitably, each player won a few hands and the clothing began to melt away. Shoes and socks had been the first removed; they were safe and unthreatening. Next went the pants. All the men wore some kind of underwear; Terry’s boxers hid all his assets while Brian’s speedos left little to the imagination. The bobcat’s tight shorts hid even less when Killian removed his jeans to reveal a pair of snug briefs that molded to his massive cock. When Melody shimmied out of her body-hugging jeans, Terry’s and Killian’s underwear struggled to contain their growing erections. Black lace stockings caressed her thick thighs, held up by garters that ended in a hot pink flirty bow.

“I recognize that,” choked out the bear shifter, a bit of drool forming at the corner of his mouth. “It’s some sort of corset thing, isn't it?”

“Yup.” Melody grinned, running her fingertip along the edge of her stocking. “Let me win a few more rounds and you’ll see what all it covers… and what it doesn’t.”

The men returned to the game with renewed determination. While Brian wasn't as interested in her massive breasts as the others, he seemed delighted with their effect on the two men. His eyes kept straying to Killian’s impressive rod straining against his briefs and the head of Terry’s thick cock peeking through the placket of his boxers. Killian ran his fingers along Melody’s stocking-clad inner thigh, content that his hand was exceedingly bad. From the blush on Terry’s face, the poor man must have excellent cards. He nudged his mate and traced the word FOLD on her thigh. She looked up from her cards, followed his gaze, and smiled. With a melodramatic sigh, she tossed her cards onto the carpet.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and fold.” She started on the buttons of her blouse, hiding her smile behind her hair. “I can’t sell my soul for those cards at a regular game, but let me need to lose and suddenly I could win the World Championship.”

Killian growled as she shrugged the thin material from her shoulders, baring her beautiful breasts to the room. The cool air crinkled her nipples into hard points, beckoning to him to warm them up with his mouth. Who was he to argue with such temptation? He palmed one of her heavy beauties and suckled the sensitive tip. The scent of her arousal, along with her soft moan went straight to his cock. Determined to find satisfaction, it poked through the slit in his briefs in search of her warmth. It was Brian’s turn to drool. And purr. The slim cat shifter tossed his cards aside and reached into Killian’s briefs to stroke his weeping cock. The bear lifted his ass so Brian could remove the offensive material, and caught Terry’s open-mouthed stare. As the cat swallowed his massive cock to the hilt, both Killian and Melody encouraged the shocked man to join them.

“They look a bit cold, don’t they?” He growled around one taut nipple as he worked the row of hooks down the back of the corset. Tossing the constricting material aside, he slid two fingers deep inside his mate’s ready pussy and pumped them slowly. “Why don’t you come help me warm them up?”

“Wh-what?” The older man’s boxers had given up on containing his straining erection, letting the drooling head point towards the erotic threesome. “I don’t think… I mean, I should probably…”

“What you should do,” Melody caught the stuttering human by his waistband and tugged, “is bring that gorgeous cock over here. I've been wanting a taste of that.”

“Are you sure? I mean, your boyfriend…”

“… is enjoying his own blowjob already.” His mate reached through the slit in the boxers, gripping the older man’s cock and caressing him with long, slow strokes. “Unless you want to leave?”

“Not really, no,” Terry groaned, shucking off his boxers and moving closer.

Killian grabbed his hand and guided it into Melody’s sopping pussy as both men latched onto her nipples. With so many mouths occupied, only her moans were heard in the room above the slurps, growls, and purrs. He urged her onto her knees, spreading her legs to open her body to their caresses. It took a couple of tries before he and the older human found a rhythm, but when they did they kept his mate full of thrusting fingers. He growled in approval when she cried out her first orgasm; a growl that hummed along the back of his throat as cool, slick fingers pressed into his tight ass. Brian had found the lube.

Turning Melody onto her hands and knees, he guided Terry’s dripping cock into her eager mouth. As the human’s eyes rolled back at the utter bliss of her skillful tongue, Killian pulled out of Brian’s throat and slid smoothly into her contracting pussy. Her muffled moans as she pressed back for more fired his lust further. Balancing firmly on the edge of the mattress, he tugged the disappointed bobcat shifter closer and kissed his first man. It wasn't anything like what he expected; it was much better. The cat’s soft purrs tickled his tongue, hardened his aching cock that rested snugly in his mate’s delightful pussy, and built his courage to the fore. He stroked the shifter’s throbbing dick and nodded towards the discarded lube.

“I think you’re going to need that if you want a piece of my ass.”

He chuckled at the shock on the two men’s faces. Brian’s turned immediately into eager delight as his cock coated Killian’s hand with its gratitude. Terry’s eyes darted between his own rather impressive dick disappearing completely down his crewmate’s throat, and the long, slender one getting slicked up by the visiting ghost hunter. Melody, unable to watch the debauchery directly, simply succumbed to another small orgasm. Killian gripped his mate’s hips as the blunt head of Brian’s dick pressed against his virgin ass. He forced his body to relax, pushed out as if to expel the intruder, and groaned when it popped past his sphincter. It burned! It ached! It felt fucking amazing! Brian gentle hands stroked his back, his ass, and cupped and teased his balls to help him relax further as his dick ploughed deeper into no-man’s-land. But Killian didn't want gentle. He wanted to fuck and be fucked. With a grunt, he pushed back against his feline lover until he felt coarse hair brush his ass.

Holy fucking shit, that felt awfulgoodhurtswonderfulgoddammitYEAH!

With a roar, Killian set a bruising pace. His energetic thrusts into his mate’s quaking body pushed Terry’s cock deep into her throat, much to that man’s groaning delight. They also pressed his ass onto Brian’s probing cock, which found and lovingly caressed his prostate with glee. He felt the bobcat’s purrs deep in his ass, an unusual but bone-meltingly glorious sensation, adding just one more level of hedonistic pleasure to the glorious fuck-fest. He grabbed Melody’s hair in his meaty fist and held up her head to watch her coworker’s thick cock disappear into her mouth. From the expression on the older man’s face, his mate was utilizing all of her skills – of which there were many. Terry had grabbed both her beautiful, swaying breasts, using them as leverage to counter-thrust until her nose bumped his stomach. Melody rewarded him with a low humming moan around his dick that brought a curse of pure ecstasy from her former boss. When Killian rubbed and pinched her hard clit, her cries grew louder as she clutched at him through another orgasm.

Fuck yeah!

Brian’s claws kneaded his hips as the bobcat made a slight shift towards his animal. The probing, vibrating cock that was fucking his ass grew, thickened, and melted another part of Killian’s brain. The slight pain, combined with the pressure and fullness, caused his own shift towards his bear, increasing his girth inside his moaning mate. The sounds in the room were reminiscent of a gang-bang porn film, or a truly depraved version of Wild Kingdom – moans and cries of ecstasy were punctuated with growls, purrs, and roars. The result was an orgasmic domino effect. Terry’s head banged against the wall as he emptied his balls deep into Melody’s stomach; her moans, hums, and sinful tongue drew out his pleasure until he melted into a man-shaped puddle on her bed. 

With the chance of her biting the older man now removed, Killian drew her back against his chest and sank his fangs into her shoulder as his unnaturally large cock threatened to tear her pussy in half. He growled as her entire body clenched and shook with the force of her release. Her cunt gripped his cock so tightly he feared it would break, but still he forced it into her slick passage to prolong her pleasure. Like a powerful fist, it stroked him until he emptied his balls deep into her womb, unaware that his ass was treating Brian’s thrusting dick to some incredible fisting of its own. The bobcat let loose a feline roar, pumping Killian’s ass full of hot, sticky come and drawing another rumbling growl of sated lust from the randy bear. The scent of sex hung in the room like a hazy fog as moans tapered off into whimpers, roars settled back into purrs and gentle rumbles, and pounding cocks slid wetly from their receptive orifices. The foursome collapsed onto the bed in a naked, sated pile of twining arms and legs that stroked and caressed whatever piece of flesh they found. Lips kissed, tongues danced. It was a wonderfully successful debauchery.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chapter 08

Melody ran her fingers through Killian’s hair as she tried to slow her racing heart. His cock still felt huge and heavy as it pulsed gently inside her throbbing pussy. She unhooked her ankles and caressed the backs of his thighs with her feet, giving a whimpering sigh when his dick twitched in response. She had to lower her legs, though. Her feet were going numb from the elevation. Her thighs ached from his savage thrusts. Her back felt scratched to all hell from the sticks and roots and tiny rocks. She probably had dirt and leaves stuffed in the crack of her ass. But… she didn’t care. Her bear’s warm body blanketed her from the cool night air, his weight suspended by the arm still wrapped around her shoulders. His face was buried in her sore neck where his lips peppered her skin with feather-light kisses. She was not only sexually sated, but also had a soul-deep feeling of contentment. Both were due to her sexy bear.

“Killian?” She missed the warmth of his soft kisses when he raised his head. His green eyes sparkled in the bright light of the full moon, taking her breath away with their brilliance. She brushed his lips with hers, and sighed when he deepened it without letting it get out of hand. “So, what now? I have so many questions, but I don’t even know where to start.”

“Start wherever you want, mate.” His smile lit up his eyes, making them all the more beautiful.

“I won’t be a housewife. I’d end up going crazy, and probably burn the place down after hacking you into tiny pieces.”

“My, that escalated quickly.” His quiet chuckles vibrated throughout her body, from her sore nipples to her raw pussy. She squirmed beneath him, and wondered if one could get addicted to sex. She wanted him again, already, though her body screamed in protest. She was pretty certain she could tell it to shut the fuck up. “I have a confession to make, Melody. I don’t want you to be a housewife. I work from home, and you would be far too distracting.”

I’m distracting?” She smoothed her hands over his shoulders and down the soft curls that coated his chest. Her fingers played along his muscular abs, then snaked around his trim waist to cup his firm ass. She moaned softly when his cock stirred inside her. “Have you looked in the mirror? You’re the distracting one. I’m surprised you don’t have a horde of women lining up outside your door for just a glimpse of this incredible ass. If they knew you had a gorgeously thick fucking-machine of a dick, too, and you knew what to do with it? Hell, I’d have to beat them off with a baseball bat.”

“I am a rather sexy bear, aren't I?” She joined in his light laughter, landing a stinging slap on his ass for his arrogant vanity. He rotated his hips, and robbed her of coherent thought. His dick needed a warning label. “Seriously though, we may choose to bring others to our bed, Melody - like the bobcat or your friend Terry - but I won’t share your heart. I kinda want it for myself. If you choose to stay and complete the mating, it will bind our hearts and souls together in a way that none can sever.”

“So, this mate-thing is kinda like a marriage with no divorce?” He nodded his head with a gentle smile. She leaned into his hand as his fingers brushed her hair from her face. “What about babies?”

“Fuck!” She knew the moment it dawned on him how often they’d had enthusiastic, energetic, and very <i>unprotected</i> sex. His eyes widened, and he swallowed convulsively before he managed to choke out his apology. “I’m so sorry, Melody. You know whatever you choose, whether we complete our mating or not, I’ll take care of you and the child. I swear it.”

“I got us covered, Killian, so try not to panic. I've got to admit that I thought about this earlier, though. Do they even make condoms to fit that jack-hammer of yours?”

“They’re tight, but yeah, they make’em big enough. Nothing survives if I shift like I did earlier, though.”

She felt him relax against her, and let her hands wander over his skin. As he placed soft nips and kisses along her shoulder, Melody tried to remember the rest of her questions. The fine hair of his chest tickled her sensitive nipples, making them ache for more. His cock started a gentle slide in her tender pussy, rubbing his thick head along her slick walls and sending shivers throughout her body. He really did fit her better than any lover she’d had before, and his recovery time was unnatural! Her arousal stirred as he eased his arms from beneath her and explored her large breasts with his massive hands. She whimpered when he pinched the large, puckered tips, and arched her back to press more of her soft flesh into his palms.

“What… oh, that’s just teasing!” She gasped when his lips closed over one turgid peak, and he teased it with the tip of his tongue. “What I wanted to ask about babies… oh God, you feel so fucking amazing! Do they pop out looking like kids or cubs? You’re enough to rip my damn pussy to shreds, I don’t need bear, junior… oh yesyesyesfuckyes… clawing his way out.”

“Nothing to worry about, Melody,” Killian muttered around the nipple in his mouth, sending delicious vibrations through her body. She groaned when his large cock slid wetly from her body to tap against her thigh. As his hot mouth trailed down her stomach, she tried to focus on his words. Worry? The only thing she was worried about was the ache he’d stirred between her legs again. “If we have kids, they won’t shift until puberty.” His scratchy tongue played over her throbbing clit with teasing light strokes. She canted her hips, pushing his head lower. She loved his thick cock, but his tongue was amazingly agile. And scratchy. And so fucking long and wide. And oh my God, I think he’s licking the back of my fucking throat!

“Christ on a cracker, how long is that fucking thing?”

“Long enough.” His voice was deep and rough, a sign that he’d shifted closer to his bear form. No wonder his tongue was touching her in places that should be outlawed. Warmth built as her body tensed. Had she ever been this easy to come? Her breath hitched when he pinched her clit between his fingers, rubbing and tugging the hard nub as his tongue fucked her deep and lapped up her flowing juices. Her orgasm washed over her in waves and sent tingles of pleasure from her scalp to her toes. Killian cleaned her thoroughly, his rough tongue scraping along her smooth pussy lips and inner thighs. When he hiked her legs over his forearms and splayed her wide, she whimpered in eager anticipation of another round.

“Killian?!” Her eyes popped open in surprise as his rough tongue played over her puckered asshole. His fingers teased along the seam of her ass, holding her open as he swiped his tongue over the tight hole a second time.

“Should I stop?”

“Noooo,” she moaned as his stiff tongue eased inside the tight orifice. “It’s just… oooh, yeah baby… no one’s ever done that before. But God, that feels odd and good and strange and amazing and ohpleasedon’tstop!” Her lower back rested on her bear’s muscular thighs as his tongue slowly fucked her ass. He held her thigh with one calloused hand while the other played along her pussy. He pinched her clit and thrust his fingers into her dripping cunt, all while his tongue moved deeper into her ass with every push.

“I think you like this, mate.” Killian pulled his tongue from her ass, replacing it with fingers drenched from her slick pussy. He started slow, sliding and thrusting a single thick finger until she relaxed enough for him to press in a second. When he moved his hand from her thigh to plunge into her empty cunt, her brain melted into one big mass of horny, erotic goo. She felt him add another finger to her ass, her moans a continuous litany of cursing, pleading, and cries of ecstasy as he sawed his hands into her body. “Holy fucking hell, Melody. Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now?”

“Don’t care. Just want you to fuck me, Killian. I wanna feel your fat cock bumping the back of my damn throat.”

“Hell yeah!”

She mourned the loss of his thrusting fingers as he flipped her onto her hands and knees, but only for a moment. He eased his fingers back into her ass and then thrust his cock deep into her pussy. So fucking full! Snarling at him to stay still, Melody dug her fingers into the soft dirt and fucked him hard. When he wrapped his free hand around her waist and pinched her clit, an intense orgasm took her by surprise and robbed her of all but basic motor control. Her arms collapsed beneath her, elevating her ass for more delightfully decadent debauchery. Gasping for air, she cushioned her face on her folded arms as her bear continued to pound into her. His pelvis pushed his thick fingers deep into her throbbing ass while his cock danced along her g-spot. The dirt and leaves and twigs scraped her sensitive nipples, chafing the raw tips but filling her with as much pleasure as pain. Dear God, he was going to fuck her absolutely to death, but she’d kill him if he tried to stop. She managed to cry out during her next orgasm, but only managed a long, drawn-out groan of pure ecstasy for her third. Her thighs were drenched in her come. Her ass was starting to scream in protest. Then he shifted a bit more towards his bear, pinched her clit, and she told her ass to just fucking deal with it. She wanted more.

When Killian finally roared out his release, her orgasms had blended into one gigantic, rolling mass of sensation. Her entire world focused on her pulsing and contracting pussy; his massive, pounding cock; her aching ass; throbbing clit; and those sinful fingers that filled her where few had gone before. The aftermath was like an out of body experience. She felt his thick cock pump her full of his seed. She felt it run down her thighs. She even shivered as the early morning breeze cooled the wet come on her legs. Yet none of it really penetrated the sated, hazy afterglow of awesome sex and more orgasms than she could count. Warm lips traced her spine; a wet tongue played over her hypersensitive skin as he eased his fingers from her protesting ass. She whimpered at the loss, uncertain if it was from pain or relief. Her brain refused to deal with the details just yet. It was content to float on the tingly, thought-stealing, breathtaking sensation of oh my God, best sex ever!

“Melody?” Her bear rolled them to the side, and she snuggled back against his warm, fuzzy chest. His cock remained nestled in her clutching pussy. She wondered if she was going to have to start wearing dildo underwear so she didn’t mourn the loss when he wasn’t around. “D’you think I could fuck that fabulous ass of yours one day?”

“Mm-hmm,” she murmured sleepily, planting a kiss to the arm that cradled her head as she nodded. He could have fucked her ear tonight by the time he was done. Damn, she was boneless.

“Hot damn!” He nipped her ear with a soft laugh. His hands caressed her body with the barest of touches, keeping her pleasure and arousal on a low simmer. “You’re so fucking perfect, mate. Sexy, horny, adventurous, smart, sassy... just So. Fucking. Perfect.” She blushed as he accented each word with a fervent kiss to her neck and shoulder. “We’ll find you a job, Melody. There’s a university close-by run by a wolf shifter. He owes me a favor or two; I’ll see if he has any positions if you want. It’s not like being in the field, but it’s something.”

“Being in the field sucks rancid green donkey cocks.” Melody sighed as his cock finally softened enough to slide from her body. She was going to need a ten-gallon barrel of Epsom salts to soak out tonight’s aches. “I’d love to return to research, but teaching is a good second choice. Besides… if I went back into the field, I wouldn't have my insatiable bear to fuck me cross-eyed every night. That would make me a very cranky anthropologist.”

“Oh, it would, would it?”

“Quite. Seriously, Killian. Do you take like a bottle of Viagra a day? How can any one person stay that horny and hard?”

“How can you stay so wet and ready?” He countered with a teasing pinch of her nipple. “Some of it is due to the mating pull, the urge to fuck until we’re numb and sore and willing to mate if only to stop fucking ‘til we’re numb and sore. The rest? It’s pure nature, baby. You can’t tell me you didn't enjoy a fair amount of sex before we met. You’re a bit too open to new things for that.”

“True, but nothing like this. This is just off the charts!”

“Yeah. Ain’t it great?”

Laughing, she agreed. Killian rose from the cold ground and helped her to her feet. He carried her to a nearby stream to get cleaned up, joining her in the frigid water. To keep her warm, of course. They talked some more as he cleaned the dirt and mud from her back. She spoke of her dreams and goals, shaking her head in amazement as his cock swelled while he rinsed away their combined come. He answered her questions as he sat on a rock, tugging her onto his lap and sinking into her warm heat with a soft groan. The steady current provided an added sensation as Melody rocked on his lap. She stared her lover’s amazing green eyes as they made love, drowning in his joy and pleasure. It was real. All of it. This incredibly sexy, handsome, virile man was hers, and wanted to be hers forever. Did she want forever with Killian? Yeah, she thought she could definitely handle that. Smiling, she eased them towards completion, awed by the expression on his face as he joined her in release.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chapter 07

The camp didn't settle down until almost midnight, even though the mood was somber. As expected, the network executives had been extremely unhappy to learn that Andrew had sold photographs. Also as expected, they were discussing legal action against the sullen researcher. He had managed to drink most of the case of smuggled beer, sinking into a drunken stupor while the rest of the crew prepacked the equipment. Killian watched from the tree line, grumbling with frustration. The moon continued its steady trek across the starlit sky, leaving him with very little time to talk with his mate, convince her to give them a chance, and hopefully begin their mating. He was not a happy bear.

He watched Melody sneak from her tent and make her way to the port-o-john. She eased the door closed, grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler, and darted to the tree line. Killian was mesmerized by the glorious sight of her huge, bouncing breasts, their unbound magnificence urging him to touch and taste and bask in their wondrous softness. He caught her behind the first tree, whipped off her shirt, and buried his face in her massive cleavage with a happy rumble. Her breathy giggle urged him on. Lifting her up, he latched onto one tempting nipple, suckling happily as he carried her deeper into the forest. He groaned when she wrapped her stout legs around his waist and rubbed her warm pussy along his dripping cock.

“How much do you like those shorts, mate?” he growled against her breast as he sat her on a perfectly sized rock. He nipped and bit his way to her other breast, laving the taut nipple with his tongue before nipping the sensitive tip.

“What? I dunno. They’re okay, I guess.”

“Good.” With a growl, he ripped away the offending material and slid his thick cock home in a single, smooth stroke. “I have been wanting this amazing pussy since watching you come all over my fingers. God, Melody, you’re so fantastic.”

He started with long, steady strokes, making a sound between a growl and a moan every time he withdrew. Her clutching pussy gripped him like a warm, wet vice. Heaven. His mate was pure heaven on Earth. Her ankles crossed at his lower back, pulling him deeper than he had ever dared with a human female. There had to be some discomfort, he was large even for a bear shifter, but she took it all and begged for more. Her nails clawed at his back, leaving gouges that he would cherish later. As his thrusts grew in force and speed, the heavy moon overhead called to him and his fangs dropped in anticipation of claiming his mate.

“Mate with me, Melody.” He reluctantly left her breasts and kissed a hot trail along her collarbone. “We will talk, I swear. I will explain everything, anything, just please… please say we can begin our mating tonight.” He sucked on that sensitive spot behind her ear and felt her inner walls clamping tight around his thrusting cock. Fur sprouted along his back as his very nature urged him to mark his female in every way possible.

“Killian, no fair!” Her small hands on his ass, pulling him closer, faster, harder, threatened to push him over the edge far too soon.

Her words penetrated his lust-hazed brain, and he swallowed his disappointment. She was right. He was pushing her, manipulating her. He had promised they would talk and yet he was forcing the decision in a moment of passion. Burying his face in her hair to hide the few tears he could not stop from falling, Killian reached between them to thrum her clit and bring her to completion. His mate had other ideas. She grabbed two great handfuls of his hair, and gave them a vicious tug until he faced her.

“Listen, you stupid bear.” He licked at her lip, moaning when she captured his tongue in her teeth and sucked it into her mouth. Their tongues stroked and caressed, but she continued to dominate the kiss. His will melted into goo. “What I meant by ‘no fair’ was the way your damn cock seemed to grow until I could have sworn I was tasting you in the back of my throat. No one should be that damned thick and long and so fucking talented that my brain does a meltdown! I did not mean we couldn't start the mating.” She nipped his lips and traced his elongated fangs with her tongue. For all that she was still impaled on his cock and with her shorts half-torn from her dripping pussy, her smile held a hint of shyness and uncertainty. “I was kinda hoping we would, if that’s still okay with you?”

Killian drew back and stared at her. Her beautiful brown eyes were glazed with lust, tinted with irritation, but glowed with acceptance. She wasn't denying him. Holy fuck and hot damn, she wasn't denying him! He growled. He roared. He picked her up and spun her around with a joyful laugh. And then he kissed her – deep and hard and thorough. He tasted every damn inch of her delectable mouth and wanted more. As he laid her, not on the hard rock’s surface but on the leaf-strewn ground, his eyes drank in her massive tits, her curving hips, her generous thighs clutching his waist, and he knew right then and there that she would make the most magnificent bear he had ever seen. He eased his cock from her clutching pussy and watched in awe as it welcomed him back into its warm, slick sheath. He held her flushed and swollen lips open, gazing at the wonder as her body accepted his thick member with ease. Hell yeah, this was his mate.

Hell fucking yeah!

“You noticed how I grew inside you, mate?” Killian’s voice, always deep and rumbly, vibrated from his chest. His fangs grew as he made a slight shift towards his larger hybrid-bear form. “A bear’s cock is longer than a human’s. A shifter’s girth is wider than a human’s. A bear shifter’s strength and speed are greater than a human’s. I can shift any part of my body that I choose, isolate that one area until it is more bear than human. Is that what you want, Melody? Do you want to be fucked by a bear?”

“Jesus fucking Christ and all twelve of his goddamn disciples, that sounds like heaven! Do it, Killian! Fuck me like a bear, and claim your mate.”

He let out a powerful roar, surging forward with bruising strength. The sounds of their coupling echoed in the still night, flesh against flesh, moans and groans, growls and whimpers. He increased his dick’s size slowly. He wanted to fuck her until she saw stars, not injure her with a swift change. Her pussy stretched to accept him; her slick walls stroked his shaft with such amazing warmth that it sent lightning bolts of pleasure throughout his body. His back arched, his toes curled, and he tipped his head back with a bear’s version of a hedonistic purr. Holy fuck, she was going to make <i>him</i> see stars when she came, she was clenching him so tight. Killian pulled her legs over his arms, planted his hands on either side of her head, and grinned down at his writhing mate.

“Hang on tight, babe, because this bear is about give you what you asked for.”

His hips moved in a blur as he hammered her greedy pussy with his unnaturally large cock. Fur grew along his back, and his claws dug into the soft ground to prevent him from pushing her with his forceful thrusts. Her breasts shook delightfully, mesmerizing him with their abandoned dance of soft flesh and puckered nipples. He caught one in his teeth, chewing and sucking the tender tip until she cried out with her first orgasm. Her unrelenting pussy gripped him until he feared she would strip him of a layer of skin. Hell fucking yeah! He attacked the second nipple with equal fervor, adding a circle of nips and bites around the quivering peak. She moaned his name and tangled her fingers into his hair. Sometimes she pulled, sometimes she pushed, but she always begged for more. He was more than happy to provide.

As her skin flushed with the onset of her second orgasm, he wrapped his paw-like hands under her shoulders to ready her for his bite. He was so close to coming that his balls had crawled into his ass in an effort to urge him onward. It didn't help when Melody’s hand snaked between them to rub her clit with lustful abandon. Damn that woman was determined to kill him, but he was gonna die one happy bear. He asked again to be certain; her growl impressed him when she told him to get the fuck on with it. His fangs sank into the join of her shoulder and neck as he pumped his seed into her pussy. This was his female and woe be to the man or beast that tried to separate them! Lapping at the wound, he sliced through his chest with a sharp claw and pressed her lips to the cut.

“If you’ll have me, Melody, complete the first step.”

Her tongue playing over the shallow cut brought new life into his flagging cock. With a growl, he surged forward, thrusting deep into her slick warmth. He loved how  her flesh molded around his, gripping him, stroking him, begging him for more. When she suckled at the healing wound, he nearly lost his mind. He sat up on his knees, pressing her clit with the pad of his thumb as he watched his thick cock disappear into her body with bruising force. Her hands played with her tits, pinching and tugging on the hard nipples. God, she was amazing! As he felt his orgasm boil up from tight balls, he pinched her clit between his claws. She opened her mouth to scream but the no sound emerged. Her slick cunt closed around him like a fist, contracting with each wave of her pleasure and adding to his own. He did, indeed, see stars. Wind whistled in his ears as his body locked in carnal ecstasy. He gave a final thrust, shooting the last of his come deep into her womb, and collapsed on top of his sated and exhausted mate.

“When,” she gasped through a throat parched and scratchy from her moans, “can we do that again?” Killian chuckled softly.



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapter 06

Killian watched the slender biologist try to temper the aggressive male’s enthusiasm over the mud impression. The researcher had earned his instant dislike due to the way he treated Melody, but there was a sense of desperation around the man which made him unpredictable. After they took a gazillion photographs, the shifter emerged from the trees with a bundle wrapped in butcher paper. Using a thin paint scraper, he removed his hybrid print and unwrapped the second imprint taken the same night – this time of his human foot.

It was slightly smaller than his hybrid form and lacked the distinctive claws, but otherwise looked similar enough to cause dissension in their ranks. He used a stick to create the illusion of claws at the toes, dipped it in the stream, and set it into place. It took him longer than he would have liked to blend it into the rock, but he was satisfied with the results. By the time the team lead returned to make the plaster impression, there would be nothing but a smudged human footprint at the cave mouth.

Chuckling to himself, he gathered his tools, removed his tracks, and slipped back into the forest. The next stage would be a two-prong attack that they wouldn't notice until the morning. He stuffed his tools into the work shed, shifted into bear form, and returned to the encampment. It was getting harder and harder to stay away from his sexy human mate. When he arrived, the camp was in chaos.

“What do you mean the print had changed? Prints don’t just change, Terry!” Andrew paced in front of the food tent, a cigarette dangling from his lips and his hair sticking up at odd angles. “Tim was there, too. He saw it! We had photographs, for fuck’s sake.”

“Then show them to me, Andy.” The older man stood with his arms crossed over his chest, feet shoulder-width apart. Killian smirked as Terry's stance issued an obvious challenge. By the way the aggressive human reacted, he recognized it and retreated into sullenness.

“You've seen them already.”

“And I want you to show them to me again. If this thing’s legit as you say it is, surely you’ll want to show them to me? Besides, we’ll need to edit them into the episode.”

“Well, I don’t exactly have them anymore,” Andrew lit another cigarette off the first, and stuck the butt into his discarded beer can. That’s an unauthorized beverage while on set, Andrew McMasters, Killian tutted to himself. Sitting back on his haunches, he wondered how the foolish researcher would weasel his way out of this one.

“What?” Melody choked on her water, as did a few of the others. “What happened? Did the laptop crash?”

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean by not exactly?” Terry pulled the unopened beer from Andrew’s hand and slammed it onto the table. “There’s a backup on the camera, right?”

“I bet he’s sold them, and had to delete them as part of the deal.” Brian, on loan from the ghost hunting shows, looked up from his game of solitaire. “How much did you lose in Vegas, Andy?”

“Shut up, Brian,” Andrew snarled, whipping around Terry to retrieve his beer. “You don’t know anything.”

“If you didn't sell them, where are they?” The gruff team lead stared a hole in the young researcher. Killian would have liked the older man a lot more if he wasn't lusting over Melody. If that man jacked off one more time after ogling his mate’s gorgeous tits, he was definitely going to bite his dick off. The bear flopped onto his stomach with a rumbling, pouting growl.

“So, it’s like that, huh? You’re just going to listen to Brian and that fat bitch without even hearing my side of things? Maybe if you raised your eyes above her tits, you’d see what she’s doing to you.”

“Excuse the fuck out of you?” Melody stood and got in the slender man’s face. Killian drooled as her chest heaved, straining the thin material of her shirt. “Why don’t you unknot your pencil dick, and get the fuck over the fact that there’s a woman on the team? I won’t even address your comments on my weight or the size of my chest, because they don’t have a single goddamned thing to do with this discussion.” She punctuated each point with a stab of her finger into Andrew’s chest, knocking him back a few inches each time. “You took the pictures. Those pictures are now gone. The same pictures that are property of the network, you misogynistic asswipe. I hope you got enough money to pay your bookie and your lawyer.”

“Wait, lawyer? What the fuck is she talking about, Terry?”

“Something you should have thought about, Andy, if you really did sell those pictures.” Brian gathered his cards, shuffling them with smooth expertise. "Everything seen, written about, photographed, or shat out of your poor delusional brain is property of the network execs. Even if you took the pictures with your cell phone or drew them as hieroglyphs on the cave walls. Read your fucking contract, dude.” Andrew drained his beer, and fell into the nearest chair with a groan.

“Did you sell the pictures, Andy?” Terry asked again. The man nodded, propping his elbows on the table and burying his head in his hands. Killian almost felt sorry for him. Almost. “Can you get them back?” The younger man shrugged. “You’re fucked, you know that?” Andrew dropped his head onto the metal camp table with a thud. “Okay, guys. I've got to alert the network of this little problem. Andy, stay in your tent or with one of the guys. I don’t want you wandering off. Brian, I need you and Melody to go out and take down the cameras. I have a feeling they’re going to shut us down after this.” The researcher just banged his head on the table again while the others went into motion.

Killian trailed a respectable distance from his mate and the human male, listening to their sparse conversation, eating a few berries, remarking his territory. If the crew left early, his claim on his mate would fade in time. This made him very sad. He enjoyed her attitude as well as her enthusiasm. She hadn't even screamed when he turned into a bear, though her soundless gaping hadn't been her most attractive look. The thought of her leaving made his cock even sadder. It really enjoyed its enthusiastic journeys into her delightfully tight pussy and her sinfully wicked mouth. No, he had to convince her to either stay, or at least return to him.

He was so deep into his thoughts, a first for him, that he almost tumbled into the clearing where the pair had stopped for the final camera. Brian shimmied up the tree in record time, retrieved the camera, and lowered it to Melody. He started on the buckles and straps, while hanging onto the thick branch like a hairless monkey.

“So,” he called down as he dropped each strap to the floor. “How long have you known the bear?” The bear in question sat abruptly on his haunches, fanged jaw hanging open in shock.

“The what?” Though she only hesitated a brief second, it was a very telling second.

“The bear you've been sneaking out of your tent to meet by the stream. Look, I don’t care who you’re banging, but you have to be careful. Not all shifters have your best interests at heart, you know?” He tossed the last of the straps to the ground then jumped nimbly from the branch. Killian’s eyes narrowed. Too nimbly. Raising his nose to the air, he finally caught the scent. Bobcat. Son of a bitch!

“I don’t know what…”

“Well, hello there.” Brian’s brown gaze moved from his mate’s face to his own, and it held more than a hint of genuine appreciation. A low purr started in the ghost hunter’s throat when Killian stepped, fully nude, from the bushes. “Nevermind my question, Melody. I completely understand why you’re sneaking out to meet him. Good catch!”

“Killian! What the fuck are you doing here, and where are your clothes?”

“Following you, of course.” He folded his mate into his arms, and nodded to the strange shifter. “Hoping to get a chance to talk to you about tonight.”

“Killian Lancashire. I think we met at an electronics and computer expo a few years back. Great lecture, better ass.” Brian held out his hand with a grin. “Now that I’ve seen the rest, I’m even more disappointed that you seem to have found your mate. Brian Arcady, by the way.”

“I think I remember you.” They shook hands, and he noticed the cat scenting the air. If he hadn’t been so intent on claiming his mate, he might have smelled the other shifter before now. A cub’s mistake. “You were doing the panel on infrared cameras, right?”

“In more ways than one. You wouldn't believe how many times a man can come if you can purr when his cock is in your throat.”

“Hmm, I bet.” Killian’s cock twitched in interested curiosity, thumping against Melody’s hip as if asking permission. He received a frown in reply. “What? I’d love it if you could purr, mate. Do you know how awesome that would feel? Like a living, sucking vibrator. Hell fucking yeah!”

“Good Lord, Killian, is that all you think of?”

“Of course not!” He tried to look affronted, but a silly grin worked its way over his face. “Sometimes I think about fucking you ‘til we both pass out.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Melody threw her arms up, giving him the perfect opportunity to turn her around in his arms. Her generous tits pressed against his chest, pulling a happy rumble from his chest. He gripped her hips, grinding his erection against her jeans-clad crotch as he peppered kisses along her neck. “Killian,” she moaned, pushing at his shoulders while tilting her head back. “We have an audience, you silly bear.”

“The cat can get his own lover,” he mumbled against her shoulder. Her shiver when he nipped his healed bite encouraged him further, and he eased his hands beneath her thin shirt to unclasp her bra. “Or he can watch. Or join in. I don’t care. Want you.”

“Oh, sweet God, yes!” He nudged her shirt to her neck, clasping his teeth around one eager and waiting nipple and suckling hard. “Wait, no! I mean… oh, fuck, that feels good.”

“Hell, yeah,” Killian rumbled against her luscious tits. He deftly maneuvered the button and zipper, and pushed her jeans to her ankles. As his fingers plunged into her waiting pussy, he felt the cat’s warm hands caressing his ass. He hoped to hell his mate didn’t mind a bit of hedonistic sharing, because those hands felt heavenly. “Kick off those shoes, mate. Want to taste that delicious cunt of yours.”

He kissed his way down her stomach, teasing her navel with his tongue as she toed off her sneakers. He laid her down on the damp ground, and spread her legs as wide as they would go. With a growl, he attacked her dripping lips, licking and slurping up her juices with enthusiastic abandon. He shoved his rough tongue deep into her quivering hole, and fucked her with long strokes. As she squirmed beneath his assault, He felt Brian’s hot mouth, tight throat, and then the mind-numbing purrs around his engorged cock. Fuck yeah, it felt awesome!

He replaced his tongue with three thrusting fingers, meeting Brian’s amber eyes as the cat gobbled up his cock. Killian felt Melody approaching her first orgasm and bit down on her clit. Fuck, she gripped him like an anaconda. He forced his fingers to keep thrusting into her sopping, gripping cunt, and urged her towards another climax. She sobbed his name as he kept her hanging, edging her higher and higher. Damn, his mate was beautiful during sex!

Killian eased another finger into her slick channel, stretching her as he finger-fucked her with abandon. His eyes latched onto his mate’s hands when she started pinching and tugging on her nipples. He growled around her clit, and thrust deep into Brian’s throat. The cat choked at first, then purred louder and pressed against the bear’s ass. Though he was a bit nervous, having only played like that once before, Killian pressed back against the probing fingers. The cat had unerring aim, stroking along his prostate with insistent fingertips. Goddamn, he was going to lose his fucking mind, soon!

Their release washed over the trio like a line of falling dominos. Melody fell over the edge first, biting the heel of her hand to keep from alerting the camp of their activities. Her pussy clutched Killian’s fingers to the point of pain. He followed, choking his purring cat friend with a seemingly endless flood of come. Brian, left to his own devices, gave his cock one final tug, and sprayed his seed onto the bear’s ass and thighs. Killian rested his face on his mate’s contracting, smooth skin while the cat scooted from beneath his quivering body.

“I wouldn't be adverse to a repeat of that someday, Killian,” Brian gasped. “Your mate is a lucky woman.”

“You should have fucked him, Brian,” Melody muttered. He looked into her sated but smiling eyes, and answered her saucy grin with his tentative one. “I think he’d like it.”

“You’re okay with what we did, mate?” Killian crawled up her body, cradling her with his arms. “I guess I should have asked, but then he started purring and my brain misfired. I don’t want this to cause problems. I know I haven’t exactly gone about this the right way, but I don’t want to lose you.”

“I'm okay with it, just warn me next time. The sex is great, Killian, but we do need to talk. If we want a relationship, we can’t base it on fucking.”

“I know,” he sighed, then leaned down to nibble one of her pert nipples. “But you’re just so perfect for me. I mean, damn woman, look at these tits! How can a man think when faced with such excellent examples of… of… absolute perfection?”

“Get off me, silly bear.” He pouted as she rolled to her feet. “We have to get back, or the entire camp will think I’ve been out here fucking Brian. I mean, they won’t be far off the mark, but I’d rather not face more trouble right now.” He untied her shoes and handed them to her, helping her brush the leaves from her socks. “The network will probably shut us down if Tim really did sell those photographs.”

“He did.” Killian reclasped her bra with a disappointed sigh, brushing her erect nipples with longing. He loved how she arched into his touch, even though she pulled her shirt into place.

“How do you know for certain?”

“Because I bought them, of course.” Brian had his shirt half-tucked into his jeans while Melody stopped in the middle of zipping hers; both stared at him, jaws dropping. “I wasn't about to let something like that get out, and I knew he would try to sell them. He’s about half a million in debt to the Vegas mob. He’s desperate.”

“Now, how do you know that?” When she bent over to brush the last of the leaves from her clothing, Killian’s cock honed in on her plump, perfect ass like a missile. It hadn't even been five minutes since their last romp, and he wanted to rip off her clothes and carry her away like a horny caveman. He licked his lips; Brian did, too.

“I know because that’s what I do. Well, not spy on television folks, really, but I get paid to root around in other people’s computers and tell them where their security holes are. Your buddy Andrew irritated me enough that I comp’d him one.”

“First the mob, and now the tv execs. This is not going to end well.” Brian hefted the case full of equipment, handing the smaller bag containing the straps and pulleys to Melody. She glared; he shrugged unrepentantly. “Shifters are stronger than humans. Get used to it. Listen, the camp will be humming most of the night. I’m pretty sure we’ll be packing up in the morning, but they may put us in a hotel instead of changing the flights. I’ll make sure Ms. Kleptner sneaks away tonight. It’s the full moon. Important time to start a mating.”

“Yes, it is. Thanks, Brian.” He coaxed Melody into his embrace, enveloping her in his scent while giving her a deep but gentle kiss. “We’ll talk tonight, okay? I swear. Maybe after the first round, but we’ll talk.” He winked, and was relieved to see her grin. “I won’t deny I love the sex. It’s better than great and I’m totally addicted to you, but I want more. Maybe a whole lot more.” He swallowed hard after throwing that out there. It was in her hands now.

“I think I do, too.” This time, she kissed him. He groaned when she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and gave it a slow stroke. When she pulled back, her eyes were twinkling, her smile was dazzling, and his cock was weeping in frustration. “I’ll admit to the awesome sex. A gal like me doesn't find a guy like you everyday, and I’m not talking about your insatiable lust. I get the feeling that you’re more than just a talented mouth and an impressive dick. I’d like the opportunity to find out.” Swooping down to place a quick kiss and lick to his begging and pleading cock, she waved and disappeared towards the camp. Brian just chuckled and followed her.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chapter 05

Her alarm was an evil demon from hell sent to make her life miserable. Melody smacked the travel clock to turn it off, then smacked it several more times just to teach it a lesson. Damn, she was tired! Killian really needed to give her a chance to sleep. As she stretched her aching body, a smile curved her lips. Her sexy bear had been at her mercy for once, and she reveled in the minor victory. Gathering her toiletries, she stumbled from her tent and muttered sleepy greetings to her crewmates on her way to her secluded stream.

She sat in the shallow water as she bathed, letting the icy current soothe her aching pussy from its recent, enthusiastic activities. While she was definitely not a thin, fragile woman, Killian wasn't a small man in any manner. He had to be over six feet tall, with broad shoulders, large hands, and muscular thighs beneath his breathtaking ass. His cock had been intimidating at first, thicker and longer than anything she’d seen outside a porno, and seemed to have only two modes of operation: hard and harder. Melody winced as she rinsed the lather from between her legs, but had to smile as well. She couldn't lie and say she didn't enjoy her lusty bear’s abandoned fits of lust. There was just that one little problem.

He. Was. A. Fucking. Bear!

If it was just that, she could probably adjust to it eventually. Some folks had unusual attributes, like her Great-Uncle the wolf-boy. Others had unusual habits and hobbies. A former co-worker was married to a guy who actually believed he was a member of Starfleet Command. But Killian didn't suffer from a hairy disease, nor did he just think he could turn into a bear. He actually could turn into a fucking bear, and he wanted her to become one, too!

She rose from the stream when her ass cheeks grew numb, and dried off with her small towel. As she stepped into her panties, she realized she needed to spend some time with her lover that didn't involve fucking like bunnies. Or bears. Or whatever. They needed to discuss plans, expectations, jobs… all the mundane shit that made a relationship something other than just a couple of horny encounters. She wasn't going to discount the mind-blowing sex - every step reminded her of how enjoyable that particular aspect had been - but she was a practical girl as well. She wasn't about to base her future, or give up being a card-carrying human, on Killian’s ability to make her come until she passed out.

She rinsed out her night clothes and considered her options. Majoring in anthropology with a specialization in unverified or lost species, Melody had spent three years with an archaeological company. She learned a lot and greatly respected her colleagues, but discovered that sweeping sand off millennia-old bones was simply not her thing. She enjoyed sand only when it trailed off into a frothy surf, something the desert decidedly lacked. So, when the network offered her a contract first as a consultant, and then as the dissenting voice, she fled that dig so fast she left a whirlwind in her wake. She really hoped it didn't trap her co-workers inside the old tomb; it would take them forever to dig out with those tiny shovels and toothbrushes.

She had been a bit disappointed with her experience with the television program. While it was an excellent job with great exposure, there was a distinct lack of job security. As the newest hire, she was the first to get the boot if ratings continued to drop. Which they would do if her ursine lover totally debunked the Alabama Bigfoot, as was his plan. She wondered if there was any kind of work in this area for a semi-famous anthropology research major? Again, something she needed to ask her bear before they got to the fun sexy-times.

Melody draped her wet things over her guy-lines to dry and headed for the food tent. One downside to her lusty encounters was a heightened appetite. If she wasn't careful, she would eat more than her share of the rations and have the crew accuse her of being pregnant. She started a pot of water for coffee and threw some sausage into the pan when the reality of her last thought filtered through her sleep-numbed mind. Pregnant. Holy. Fuck. They hadn't used any kind of protection during their X-rated aerobics. Sure, she was on the pill, but it wasn't foolproof. Adding some scrambled eggs and cheese to the pan, she wondered if condoms even came in his size. I bet the cashier would be either impressed or not believe he was for real. Knowing Killian, he would take it out and prove it to them. She snickered as she poured the hot water into the press.

“What’s got you so damn cheerful this morning, Kleptner?” Terry stumbled into the tent wearing nothing but a low-riding pair of knit shorts and scowl. The rising heat and high humidity left by the storm plastered the thin material to the older man’s body, outlining it in mouth-watering perfection. He might not be as large as her bear, but she would bet money that he was still a very impressive, beautiful man. She took a large bite of her omelet to keep from asking him for a peek, and pushed the remainder of her boiling water towards him.

“What’s on the schedule today, boss?” Melody finally managed to choke out after he sat, hiding his thick cock and heavy balls beneath the table. Good Lord, I’m getting as depraved and sex-crazed as Killian.

“Andy and Tim are out swapping the cameras already. Once they’re back, we’ll review the footage and see where to place the better ones. Tim and I will film the updates for the show, while Andy and Brian place the rest of the cameras.”

“I haven’t heard my name yet.”

“Yeah, and you won’t unless the cameras have something for us. We filmed your break-down of the initial photos at the studio.”

“Gotcha. Just here to feed the bugs yet again. I don’t understand why I come out on location if it’s just to sit in the tent and give Andrew fits.” She stabbed at a piece of sausage, and pointed her fork at the handsome older man. “This shit gets old, Terry. How am I supposed to provide a balanced opinion on these wild goose chases when the old-boy’s-club never lets me speak, huh?”

“When we have something for you to talk about, you will.” He refilled the kettle and set it on the flame with a sigh. “Look, we both know we’re out here chasing down some redneck pulling a prank, or a bear, or some other very normal creature. I've chased monsters for nearly ten years and haven’t ever found proof of anything, but we need to make this look good or we’re sunk.”

“Hmm.” Melody drummed her fingers on the table, wondering how much to tell. The cave Killian had talked about wasn’t too far from her bathing stream. Perhaps just a nudge? “Look, you know what I think this is, right? It’s either some hairy old man giggling his ass off while screwing with the neighbors, or a bunch of kids trying to become famous. I can’t rule out bears, though. I've seen some tracks near the stream I use for bathing. Might be a den close by.”

“Really? And you keep using it?”

“It’s better than waiting for the guys to stop beating their chests to claim the solar shower. I said I’ve seen tracks; I didn't say I had actually seen a bear anywhere near that stream.” A technicality  but the truth. Killian had been in human form when he plucked her from the stream. “Anyway, I’m going to clean up my mess here, and then hide out in my tent unless needed. Call me if there’s anything other than a mosquito the size of a cat on those cameras. I think we can all verify that those damn things exist.” Terry laughed, but agreed. The blood-sucking insects had plagued the entire crew, and it had only gotten worse since the rain stopped.

Melody popped open the stadium seat she had stuffed into her gear, and settled against it with a sigh. She hated not having back support; she always ended up hunching over which she knew would put a kink in her back later. After powering up her cell phone, she checked her emails and searched for universities in the area. She bookmarked a couple close by and shut it down again to preserve the waning battery. This part of the trips sucked donkey dicks. Boring, hot, uncomfortable… why couldn't she wait for them at the nearest hotel and just join them when they decided to let her come play?

Oh well, at least this trip, she managed to snare her one hell of a lover. Killian was handsome in a rugged, shaggy kind of way. He had broad shoulders, barrel chested, trim waist, an ass to die for, and oh my God, that cock of his! There were times she swore she tasted him on her tongue while he was pounding into her. She was definitely in heaven. Granted, there was that one little issue about turning into a bear, but no one was perfect, right? Which reminded her, she had some questions for her randy bear. Hopefully, he could keep his dick to himself long enough for her to get some answers.

By the time the guys returned with the cameras, she had filled three full pages in her notebook. Some of the questions assumed a level of relationship he hadn't quite committed to but that was part of it. What exactly did he mean by mate? Was that bear code for a good fuck? A potential spouse? Mother of his furry children? Oh shit. She scribbled another question into the book, and hoped if they did progress to the actual making babies part and not just more practice that she would have a baby and not a bear. Those claws would probably hurt worse than fuck!

“Kleptner, get your ass out here!” Andrew’s hostile bellow drew her out of her daydream (daymare? What did one call a nightmare during a daydream anyway?). Grumbling, she took her time just to rile him further. “Did you hear me? I said – “

“I heard what you said!” Melody stepped from the tent, pushing the thinner man onto his ass as she shouldered past him. “Hell, the folks in town heard you. Did you find another blurry picture for me to look at?”

“We found a print!” Even his pissy attitude couldn't hide his excitement, and he rushed towards the network’s laptop. “We took pictures of it on the way back from gathering the cameras. Terry and Tim are at the site to get a mold of the impression so it can be catalogued. Look at this beauty!”

Andrew practically bounced in his seat as he pulled up at least a dozen shots of the footprint in question. One of the crew had placed a dollar bill beside the print to give it perspective, and it was huge. Half washed away by the recent storm, what remained dwarfed the faded bill. The foot that made this had to be over twelve inches long and almost five inches wide. The only way this print was real was if it had been made by a prop… or a partially shifted bear. Could he stop between human and animal? Another question for her list. Damn you, Killian!

“So, what do you think?”

“I think someone has far too much time on their hands,” she muttered waspishly.

“You’re not trying to say this is a fake, are you? God dammit, woman, you wouldn't believe in Bigfoot if he wandered into your fucking tent, would you?”

“Andrew, I’m just saying that it’s too soon to form an opinion. Yes, it could be faked with a mold and some liquid latex or ballistics gel. Weigh it down and TA-DA! You have an monster footprint.”

“And who in this area has that kind of money? Ballistics gel isn't exactly cheap, you know, and I don’t remember passing any mansions on the way in. Do you?”

“I only mentioned the gel because it’s squishy like normal tissue. Don’t be such an ass. This had to have a frame or it would have melded together.” She scrolled back in the pictures until she found one that included the cave mouth. “But this is what really caught my eye. If you look here, you can clearly see that whatever or whoever owned this ‘foot’ obviously wasn't walking anywhere. It’s inside the cave and facing inwards. If the owner of the ‘foot’ wasn't entering the cave, why did he, she, or it put a footprint there? It’s too perfect, which makes me suspicious. You would be too if you weren't determined to sell the poor fucker to some lab.”

“Only after I make my million.” Andrew grabbed control of the mouse and blew up the photograph in question. “Who’s to say the owner of the foot wasn't bedding down for the night?”

“In that cave?” Melody’s brows were pushed into her hairline by a bubble of laughter. She wrestled the mouse away to zoom into the picture. “How tall would you say Tim is? Five foot nine? Maybe Five-Ten? Feet that size would have an equally large body attached to it. If the lip of the cave mouth barely comes up to Tim’s waist, do you really think a creature that size could even fit?”

“We’ll see what Terry says when they get back with the impressions.” The surly researcher slammed the laptop closed, kicked the chair aside, and stormed into his tent. Melody groaned and buried her face in her hands. She was absolutely going to kill her bear.