Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chapter 04

He ran through the pouring rain, his massive paws tearing up the muddy soil and uprooting sagging plants. There was a shallow cave less than a quarter mile from his mate’s encampment. It was the perfect location to lay a trap destined to get the television crew as well as the locals off his furry back. He spent two hours walking from the cave to a nearby pond, clawing up a few pines, and leaving muddy prints around and inside the small den. Then he left his final gift.

A partial footprint from his hybrid form.

Killian had always assumed the legend of Sasquatch and Bigfoot resulted from humans seeing a bear shifter in their hybrid form. The most powerful stage of a shifter’s transformation, the hybrid took more energy to maintain yet retained the characteristics of the other two forms. It allowed him to keep the claws and warm, protective fur of a large bear while retaining a humanoid's shape, agility, and dexterity. From a distance, it would be easy to assume he was either a very hairy man or a very man-like creature. Humans simply didn't know that both assumptions were right and wrong at the same time. He didn't think they were ready for the truth, though. He had no desire to end up in a zoo, laboratory, or government testing facility.

He returned to his bear form and took shelter in the cave. He wanted to ensure that the print wouldn't wash away in the storm. Three hours later, a rumble of thunder pulled him from an excellent dream of his mate. Stretching and yawning, he padded from the cave to find that the rain had stopped, the print remained, and the stars were beginning to break through the thinning clouds. Killian trotted towards the encampment. If his luck held, the crew were all abed and he could sneak into his mate’s tent for a quick romp or three.

Peering at the circle of tents from the clearing’s edge, he lifted his nose to the air and counted the different scents. The angry photographer snored worse than a badger. The dashing team leader slept in blissful peace; probably dreaming of Melody’s magnificent breasts, the pervert. Killian hadn't missed the sounds of masturbation coming from the supply tent. If he tried to do more than fantasize, he’d bite the man’s dick off. Growling, he scented the others, content to find they slept more or less peacefully. That left his mate. He licked his lips, and ambled into the clearing towards her tent.

He shifted into his human form, entered the tent, and feasted his eyes on his gorgeous mate. She had kicked off the thick sleeping bag and lay on her back, one hand resting on her bare stomach. Her shirt had risen up to just under those gorgeous breasts, and he knelt by her side and eased it even further. Her nipples called to him, and he was powerless to resist. Killian lapped at the sensitive buds, then blew on them so they roused from their slumber. His cock let him know they weren't the only ones waking up. He ran his hand over his thickening member with leisurely strokes as he eased his mate from sleep. The joy in her eyes warmed his heart and hardened his cock with equal speed.

“Killian!” she hissed, sitting up to peek through a curtain flap. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I've missed you,” he answered simply, pouting when she covered her beautiful tits with her shirt.

“You’re just horny. Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing.”

“That, too. Come with me?” He held out his hand, waiting to see if she would agree. She hesitated for less than a second, slipped her feet into her shoes, and laid her hand in his. He could have roared his happiness. Instead, he peeked through the door flap, eased from her tent, scooped her into his arms, and ran for the trees.

Killian took her to a mossy embankment near her bathing stream. He wanted her in his home, but it was too far away for the little time they had. The crew would get suspicious if she kept disappearing, and she had already informed him that she needed at least some sleep. He set her gently onto the spongy moss, and peeled off her clothing. She really was beautiful. Determined to go slower than their heated couplings of earlier, he captured her lips in a gentle kiss as his hands relearned her generous curves.

One hand traveled over the curve of her hip, along the crease of her thigh, and between the smooth lips of her pussy. Flicking her clit with his thumb, he eased two thick fingers inside her eager channel. She met each of his slow thrusts with an eager whimper, clutching at his hair and shoulders as she returned his increasingly heated kisses. Killian cupped her breast, thumbing her nipple that was stiff from arousal and the cool night air. When his nail scraped across the sensitive peak, she moaned into his mouth and pressed her breast into his hand. He pinched the pert bud hard between his fingers, tugging it as she gasped and squirmed against him.

“Oh, so you like it a bit rough, do you?” he whispered against her lips.

“I thought you were supposed to know that, already.” She whimpered when he released the tortured nipple, only to sigh when he replaced his hands with his mouth. “Soul mates and all that.” He bit her nipple none too gently, causing her yelp even as the scent of her arousal flooded his nose. “Don’t bite them off, for fuck’s sake, Killian!”

“Then answer the question, Melody. What do you like? What do you want, right now?” He lapped at her taut nipple, his fangs scraping over her tender skin as his bear joined in their play.

“More,” she groaned. “More of this, more of you, more of everything. Just more!”

He laid her on the spongy moss, her legs resting over his spread thighs so he could watch his fingers thrust into her sopping pussy. She arched her hips to meet his thrusts, moaning when he added a third, and shattering when he added a fourth. He didn't give her time to rest. He rubbed her hard clit with his thumb as he curved his fingers to rub her G-spot. As she gasped and writhed beneath him, he assaulted her beautiful breasts. Pinching, licking, sucking, and biting her nipples, Killian coaxed a second and then a third orgasm from her responsive body. Tears leaked from her eyes as he brought her towards that peak for a fourth time. Before she could topple over it, he rolled her onto her stomach, pulled her to her knees, and thrust in balls deep.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, clasping one throbbing breast as he fucked her hard and fast. His slick fingers, no longer buried in her delightful pussy, tortured her throbbing clit. What had started as a need to make love to his mate had turned into another round of animalistic rutting. From Melody’s cries and moans of pleasure, she wasn’t disappointed in the change of plans. She had planted her hands onto the soft moss as leverage to meet his pounding cock. As his seed boiled up from his aching balls, he sank his fangs into her shoulder to hold her in place. The moment his teeth pierced her tender skin, she shook with a powerful orgasm that flooded his cock with her come. Killian lifted his bloody mouth from her shoulder to roar his own release to the sky.

Panting, he eased them both onto the moss with her cradled close to his chest. Killian lay on his side, reluctant to leave the warm haven of her pussy, and caressed her soft curves. His fingers played along her skin, brushing her bruised and sore nipples and stroking her throbbing clit. She moaned softly as another small orgasm shook her exhausted body. He growled in approval, kissing the bruises left by his bite.

“So, tell me.” Melody grabbed his hands, holding them away from her when he tried to coax more pleasure from her over-stimulated nerves. “What’s with all the biting? Am I your mate or a chew toy? Will I turn furry at the next full moon or what?”

“You are definitely my mate,” he chuckled while nibbling her sore shoulder. “There’s no getting away from it now. I've claimed you; you’re mine.”

“You’re also about three seconds away from my foot relocating your nuts into a shiny new pair of earrings.” She wriggled out of his arms, turning to stand with her hands on her hips. The stance pushed her magnificent chest into prominence. He drooled, and his cock sat up and took notice. “For once, could you just answer the Goddamn question? And wipe your chin; you look depraved.”

“Okay, okay!” He rolled onto his back, and stretched. He knew it showed his body to its best advantage, and hoped his mate would get too distracted by it to want to talk for too much longer. He wanted another good romp before taking her back to her tent. “Bears tend to be a bit energetic when claiming their mates…”

“No shit, Sherlock. I feel like I've been put on a perpetual fucking machine powered by psychotic Energizer bunnies. Don’t you ever get tired? Raw? Chafe?

“The urge to mate as often as possible will lessen in time, but it won’t go away. You’re my mate. I want you.” He shrugged, then groaned when she crossed her arms under her breasts. The stance pushed them together and raised them into delectable prominence. He wrapped his fist around his throbbing cock and began to stroke slowly. “Um, yes, biting. Because we take great delight in claiming our mates, the gods, fate, whatever you want to call it, have deemed it necessary to make it harder to turn others. It’s supposed to allow the human mate to have an opportunity between enthusiastic rutting to consider the consequences, advantages, and disadvantages of becoming a shifter.”

His eyes followed her as she stepped between his legs, though he continued his slow strokes. When she nudged at his thighs, he spread them willingly. A rumble of lust vibrated through his chest as she knelt and replaced his hand with hers. A low roar poured from his throat when her lips closed over the dripping head, and he struggled not to surge forward and thrust deeper into her warm mouth.

“Go on, Killian.” Melody removed her lips from his cock, and gave him a sultry smile. “You wanted to tease, so now it’s my turn to play. That doesn't mean I don’t want to know about this biting thing.” Her warm lips sank onto his cock, and his claws sank into the soft moss. He growled when her breasts brushed against his heavy balls with every shallow bob of her head.

“I barely know my name when you do that, mate. Fuck!” She sucked a testicle in her mouth and teased it with her tongue. His brain misfired, while his cock oozed its approval. “Um, oh hell yeah, just like that. It takes a bit more than just a single – sweet baby Jesus where did you learn to do that? – um, a single bite from me to turn you into a bear shifter. I need to – holy fucking shit! – need to bite you on each of the four – dear God, yes - four major moon phases. Please, Melody, can’t we talk about this later?” He pleaded in a rush.

“No.” She lapped up the precum as it trickled from his cock like a fountain. She covered her finger with the slick fluid, as she rubbed the sensitive head. “If you wait, you’ll never tell me. I need to know this, Killian.” Her mouth descended like a bird of prey, and he was helpless against her attack. As he watched her swallow an impressively large amount of his cock, he once more sent his joyful gratitude to the watching fates. His mate gave great head.

“Okay, okay, moon phases. Your mouth should come with a warning label, you know that?” Killian took deep breaths in an effort to keep his pounding heart from running wild around the clearing. Then she hummed around his cock buried in her throat and he gave that fucker free reign. “Killing me here, mate. Jeez, so, yeah. Four bites on the phases: first and third quarter and the new and full moons. Full moon is tomorrow,  so that would start the process – holy mother of God, where do you think you’re putting that?”

“Relax, scaredy bear.” If a hum around his cock had been lovely, a giggle felt positively divine. Too bad she coupled it with a slick finger pressing into his very virgin ass. Then she rubbed against something in the vicinity of his navel and his back arched, his cock gave an enthusiastic hell, yeah!, and a happy roar bubbled up from his toes. “See? Knew you’d like that. Tell me the rest and I’ll let you come.”

“You are an evil woman, and I think I love you already,” Killian’s hips pumped in time with her voracious mouth and thrusting finger. He whimpered only a tiny bit when she added a second, but damn if she hadn't found some kind of secret pleasure button. His growls were a continuous rumble as he struggled with coherent thought. “On each phase with a bite, (holy shit, woman, that wasn't a suggestion!) you need to bite me back. It’s like a-an infection, I guess – ohyespleasermoreharder – as we need to exchange blood over a full month. Melody!” His balls were so hard and tight against his body, he feared they were going to make a full tactical retreat soon. As his orgasm loomed, his wicked mate put a death grip on his poor, aching cock to prevent his release. Her fingers rubbed his prostate with laser-sighted precision. He was going to go blind soon if she didn't let him come.

“Just a bit longer, my bear.” She nipped the purple head, flooding his already overwhelmed senses with more pleasure. He banged his head on the ground, told his pride to fuck off, and begged. “Soon, I promise. Now, what if I don’t bite you back, Killian?”

“Please, Melody! I’m begging you. Jesus! Okay, if you skip a phase, it starts over – dear sweet God in Heaven, don’t stop! It’s so we can’t force the change on someone. HOLY FUCK!”

Her nose brushed his coarse fur around the base of his aching cock as he lodged fully in her throat. Did she breathe through her ears? He nearly wept when she released her vice-like hold and the let the blood flow. He pumped his hips, fucking her face with savage intensity. It was simply a happy coincidence that his thrusts also pounded his ass onto her wicked fingers. When she finally let him come, his roar sent the birds into the sky and several trees shed their leaves in celebration of his release. Through the intense ringing in his ears, he heard her splashing in the stream and moving around just outside his range of vision.

“I think you sucked my bones out through my dick.” He melted further into the spongy moss, with a goofy smile on his face. Staring up at the twinkling stars, he realized that he was so relaxed that his voice had slurred when he talked. Killian giggled. He fucking giggled! Bears did not giggle, but hot damn! Warmth and pride filled his heart; his mate was fucking amazing.

“Well, you might want to hunt them up. It’s close to dawn and I've got to get some sleep.” Melody loomed over his sated and  relaxed body. He frowned. When did she put clothes on? “Unless you’re willing to give up this crazy idea of fucking with the show, I need to get back to my tent. So, up, up, up!”

Killian rolled over onto his hands and knees, and forced himself to stand. His legs shook, his ass throbbed, and his cock hoisted the white flag of surrender. This round went to his wickedly sexy human mate.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter 03

Melody watched in horror as her lover seemed to both melt and expand from a bipedal human into a quadrupedal black bear. A disturbingly familiar black bear. A familiar black bear with a very familiar erect cock. With a grunt, the bear leaned against the large bed and wrapped his paw around the base of his penis. His eyes were the same exquisite green as Killian’s, though his cock seemed even larger. As he mimicked his slow strokes from the day before, it began to dawn on her that he was telling her the truth. The bear was her lover.

A bear. Her lover was a fucking bear. A bubble of hysterical laughter formed, but she clamped down on that fucker. No way was she falling apart in front of a strangely sexy masturbating bear. Scrambling for the latch, she opened the door onto the balcony and promptly fell onto her ass. Her thighs screamed as she crab walked to the bannister, but she refused to turn her back on the large black bear in the bedroom. When her back struck the rough wood railing, she rose on shaky legs and darted a quick glance over the edge. The drop was short, barely five feet, onto a well-maintained lawn.

Turning, she started the mad climb over the railing and to freedom. She raised her leg to swing over the rails and felt a coarse, warm tongue plunge into her exposed pussy. Melody froze. The tongue returned, repetitively thrusting deep inside her tender hole in an obvious imitation of a more carnal sex act. Like the bubble of hysteria earlier, she clamped her lips closed on the treacherous moan that welled up from her stomach. A furry paw landed on her leg when she tried to continue climbing the rails and the tongue alternated its thrusts with a rough lap at her clit. Her moans didn't ask her permission; they sallied forth with vigor as her tired body built up to another massive orgasm.

Eventually, it didn't matter who or what was behind her; that thrusting tongue was doing sinfully wonderful things to her pussy. Melody quit trying to escape and started pushing back, her soft moans growing in volume. The paw holding her leg shifted, the fur receding to calloused fingers and tanned skin. She protested when his wicked tongue slurped free of her throbbing channel, but shouted her approval when it was replaced by Killian’s hard cock.

“I won’t hurt you, Melody,” he rumbled in her ear. The bannister rail creaked from the force of his thrusts. She gripped the edge, no longer trying to escape but to press hard against his surging cock. He accented his next words with particularly savage thrusts, bruising her tender pussy but bringing her release that much closer. “You. Are. My. Mate.”

She laid her forehead on her hands, and planted her foot against the lowest railing. Pressing against it gave her better leverage. Her large breasts swung free, slapping against her hands with each of his powerful thrusts. He kept her splayed open wide, his large cock ploughing into her sodden pussy so deep it caused a sharp ache in the pit of her stomach. Still, she met him thrust for thrust, and shouted his name as she drenched him with her come. A heavy hand gripped her shoulder, pressing her firmly against the rail as his thrusts grew more erratic. He roared his release, filling her with his seed until it ran down her thigh.

Melody turned her head and pressed a kiss to the hand still gripping her shoulder. Killian’s softening cock pulsed and throbbed inside her as he eased her leg from the rail. His warm chest rested against her back, and he nuzzled her hair aside to kiss her neck. As frightened as she had been when he had first changed into a bear, she now felt as if he would never allow anything to scare her again. She remembered how safe she had felt by the stream and earlier in his living room. His being a bear made her feel even safer, rather than scared.

“This is some freaky shit, Killian.” His rumbly chuckle shook her against the wooden rail, reminding her that it had sharp edges that liked to bite into soft flesh. “We need to talk, but can we move off the rail? I think I've got a splinter in my boob.”

“I’ll be more than happy to search for it.” She giggled as her bear cupped her large breasts with his even larger hands and eased her off the bannister.

Somehow, he managed to settle onto a cushioned lounge chair without dislodging his half-hard cock from her body. She wondered how often he had practiced that move, so she asked him. His laughter wrapped around her like a warm blanket, and she decided she didn't really care. Whoever he had practiced on, she was the one reveling in his gained expertise. Perched on his lap and wrapped in his arms, Melody sighed as his hands lightly roamed her body. She was sore, but unwilling to make him move. He felt so good, and it had been a long time since a partner wanted her with such fervor. Hell, none of her partners had ever wanted her with the voracious hunger her bear had shown.

Her bear. That reminded her…

“So, tell me about the bear.”

Several hours later, Melody trudged up the stream in the pouring rain, soaking wet and aching in places that hadn't felt the touch of another’s hand since the earth’s crust was cooling. Killian had been insatiable. When she had finally crawled from his bedroom in search of energy-giving food, he had taken her on the kitchen table. Afterwards, she had stumbled into the living room to check on the storm. A single growl had been her only warning before he bent her over the arm of the sofa and stuffed her battered pussy with his thick cock. When she staggered into the mud room to retrieve her clothing, he had the audacity to throw a pair of sneakers into the dryer before setting her on top and fucking her to the thumping rhythm. Her poor pussy felt like she’d been fucked by a lascivious jackhammer while her shoulder ached where he’d bitten her. Several times. She was going to have to cap those fangs of his.

The other advantage to their marathon of sex, besides giving her more orgasms than a bad porn flick, had been learning the truth of the Alabama Bigfoot. Granted, it wasn't a truth she could share with the television crew, but it sure beat her theory of a very hairy man. In between eating and fucking, the two of them had discussed the show and how to handle things during their week of filming. Killian was determined to fuck with Animal Planet in a way that she deemed unsafe, but there was no dissuading him. Admittedly, with his monstrous cock tickling her tonsils via her throbbing pussy, she didn't put up too much of a fight. She still thought he was risking too much for a few laughs.

“Kleptner! Where the fuck have you been? I've had the crew searching these woods for hours looking for you.” Terry stood at the edge of the narrow stream, wearing a hunter orange rain slicker and a fierce scowl.

“Horseshit,” Melody snorted on her way by. “If they’d been looking that long or searching very far, they’d have found me. It’s not exactly like I’m invisible.”

“They did look for you. They knew the network would shut us down if we let something happen to you.” Terry fell into step beside her, his eyes glued to the stiff points of her nipples pressing against the thin wet material of her tank top. They had not gone down since that morning due to her bear’s fascination with them. The way they ached and throbbed, they may never retreat.

“How charming. They only searched for me because the station would pitch a fit.” Feeling impish, she peeled the soaked cloth from her chest, giving the older man a clear view of the hills and valleys between her neck and navel. She managed to stifle a laugh when he walked into a tree. Barely. “Look. I only brought one pair of shower shoes to this godforsaken forest, and one went floating downstream while I was bathing. I took off after it. Then the skies opened up and I ducked under a tree canopy until it dropped from a raging flood to a steady rain.” She adjusted her top, pulling it lower to show more cleavage and her taut but deliciously tender nipples. Killian nearly chewed the bloody things off.

“Um, well, you know how the guys are.” Terry swallowed convulsively as the wet material molded itself to each generous globe. As they entered the edge of the camp, he pointed off to his right without taking his eyes from her quivering breasts. “Listen. I’m going to let you get undressed. I mean, dried off! If anyone asks, I’ve got some things to take care of in my tent.”

She called a cheerful farewell, and aimed for the food canopy. Even though she had eaten at Killian’s house, she had worked off her lunch and then some while fucking her lusty bear. Wringing the water from her hair, she grabbed a bottle of water and a banana. She would start with that and decide what else was on the menu once she wasn't feeling faint from lack of food, water, and rest. It didn't take long before the others joined her.

“Cute stunt, Kleptner.” Andrew was the first to speak, and the only one whose eyes didn't linger on her massive tits and diamond-hard nipples. She had to give him credit for that, at least. “Hoped to get a bit of face time with the camera?”

“Nope.” Melody peeled the banana, spotting the large black bear pacing just beyond the tree line. “Hoped to rescue my shoe from the stream’s current. It’s the only pair I brought, and I didn't fancy the idea of walking around barefoot.”

“Did you see anything?” Tim, the show's resident biologist, didn't even try to hide his stare when a breeze blew through the camp and hardened her nipples into dangerous points. She thought she caught a bit of drool forming at the corner of his mouth.

“I saw rocks, water, trees, and lots and lots of rain. Why?” Catching Killian’s green stare, Melody eased her lips over the smooth flesh of the banana before taking a bite.

“Um, well.” Her mate wasn't the only one watching her performance. Tim swallowed audibly, pushing his fogged glassed up his nose. “Um, see, we heard something after you’d been gone about thirty minutes. It sounded like, I don’t know, an enraged bear or a mountain lion in heat.” Good guess! she thought. You just need to combine the two: it was a bear in heat.

“It was the creature!” Andrew exclaimed excitedly. For once ignoring his perpetual sullen animosity towards her. “I keep telling you there aren't any mountain lions in this area and the likelihood of bears so close to the city is nonexistent. Did you see it? What did it look like? Why didn't you call for help?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! I didn't see anything but rain and trees! Should I have called for help because I confused a spruce with a damn loblolly pine?” She chomped the end of the banana, causing Brian to wince and Killian to rumble. “Listen. It was just bad luck all around. I lost my shoe. It floated downstream. The storm came and I tried to wait it out. That’s all.”

“Fine,” Andrew huffed and left the canopy. “But I know he’s out there!”

The others shuffled about, mumbling beneath their breath, before they too retreated to their tents. Melody sighed as she was left alone to the sound of the rain beating on the plastic tarp, and the rhythmic strokes and grunts of a man on the edge of release. She offered silent applause when Terry gave a muffled shout, and prayed he aimed away from the cameras. She was fairly certain that would be difficult to explain to the network execs.

With the storm clouds blocking most of the sun’s rays, even noon felt like night in the small encampment. Melody changed into dry clothing and a rain slicker before joining the crew to discuss the effects of the weather on their investigation. Satellite reports predicted the storm would move out of the area by early morning, leaving them with six full days to try to capture her ursine lover on their cameras. She made notes as she listened to their plans, and hoped Killian knew what he was doing.

The crew set up the cameras beneath the food canopy and filmed the requisite introductions for the program. Melody played poker with Brian and Tim behind the scenes while Andrew ran the camera. Terry, as team lead and the sexiest member according to a network poll, read from the script, pausing where the scanned testimonials and photographs would be edited in. When he launched into the obligatory speculations on the identity of the creature, Melody smothered a laugh. Not once did he theorize that the being might be a large, hairy man – the most logical of all explanations. She supposed it didn't make for a good television program. Nor did he speculate on the presence of a were-creature, for which she was grateful.

Afternoon faded into evening with no relief from the pouring rain. She wasn't sure if she regretted being unable to join her lover, or thankful for the respite. Hours later, she was still sitting gingerly and her damn nipples rubbed against her bra constantly. She was going to have a talk with her bear about chewing them raw. She crawled into her tent at eight o'clock  tired of listening to the crew bitch about the rain, and prepared for bed. She fell asleep within minutes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chapter 02

Killian ran through the forest, avoiding the crew’s cameras with ease. He had found her! He had found his mate at last! He roared his joy and excitement, sending a flock of skittish birds into the sky. He had spent most of the previous day watching the television crew hike through his territory and set up camp. The men were similar to the other legend hunters he had encountered over the years: loud, awkward, and uncaring that they destroyed or disrupted the flora and fauna of the areas they investigated. He had decided to leave them to their futile search when a shift in the wind brought the sweetest scent to his ursine nose. Lemon and honey mixed with musky human female created a fragrance that called to him in the basest, most carnal manner imaginable. After years of hunting, waiting, hoping, and despairing, Killian had stumbled across his mate in his own backyard.

Fate was a fickle, annoying bitch.

He had smelled her excitement by the stream, and considered approaching her. Then his cellphone chirped with an incoming message, and by the time he returned, she was gone. Killian followed her to the camp, watching her curvy body as she prepared her meal. He hadn’t intended to reveal himself, but was glad he had. Her stunning brown eyes watching him masturbate had added a heightened level of pleasure that he wanted to feel again. And again. And again. When she joined him, he had almost embarrassed himself by coming right then. Her scent had drifted on the wind along with her faint gasps and moans, making him harder than an iron bar and desperate to claim her. She was beautiful in her ecstasy, and he swore the next time she found release, it would be by his hand. And cock. And tongue. Oh yes, he planned to fuck his little human mate until she had no desire to ever leave him.

The large black bear triggered the gate’s latch and slipped inside the fence line. He stepped inside the pool house and emerged in his human form, wearing a pair of swim trunks and flip-flops. Trotting up the back stairs, he entered his house with a purpose. If the storm behaved itself, he would have the perfect opportunity to grab his mate and keep her for a while without her crewmates searching too hard to find her. He threw in a load of laundry and grabbed the broom and dustpan. Once she was in his home, he was certain he could convince her to stay.

He spent the rest of the day dealing with his clients for his computer networking business. Most were shifters, like him, but he hesitated to reveal that he had found his mate. He wanted her bedded, claimed, and promising to stay before he roared his joy from the rooftops. He kept a close eye on the storm, smiling when it stalled to the southwest. The fates redeemed themselves with the delay. As he drifted off to sleep that night, Killian asked a final favor from the fickle fates: let his mate bathe in the stream in the morning.

The next morning, Killian watched through the dew-drenched leaves, and decided that he must truly be blessed. Fate managed to redeem herself when his mate chose to bathe in the stream instead of the portable shower. He had missed her undressing the previous day so had enjoyed watching her peel away each annoying layer of clothing. His mate stripped away her snug shorts and clinging tank top, revealing generous hips and an impressive bust. He was a large man, most bear shifters were, and he’d always feared he’d break a small woman. He had no such fear with this one. Muscular thighs, round hips, a bit of extra padding around the stomach, and breasts that would overflow even his large hands tempted him as she frolicked in his stream. The sight of her large nipples, hardened by the icy water and begging for his mouth, had been his undoing. 

Without thought, he stepped from the leafy camouflage and tossed her over his shoulder. Grabbing her gear, he carried his delectable prize back to his home. He was surprised that she hadn't screamed or cried or asked any questions. He knew he was acting inappropriately, even for a bear. He needed to explain. He needed to show her he meant her no harm. He needed to pledge his heart and soul to her forever.

His cock, on the other hand, didn't care about the niceties. It tapped against his stomach in a not-so-subtle demand to bury itself into her warm pussy. It was more than a tad demanding. Then she grabbed his ass, and he stumbled from her obvious appreciation. When she scratched his back, he nearly spent into the bushes. Killian popped her ass to make her behave, only to be rewarded with a choked moan and the rising scent of arousal. Dear God, he was going to take her against a tree if they didn't reach his home quickly.

Slipping through the back door, Killian kicked the door shut, tossed his mate’s bag and clothing into the mud room, and continue into his living room. He eased her from his shoulder, enjoying the slide of her naked skin against his more than was legal at this stage in their relationship. His cock grew more insistent by the second and thrummed against her soft stomach as a reminder of its needs. The arm of his couch was looking mighty enticing. He wondered if she’d be amenable to a quick tumble before introductions were made.

“You’re naked.” Large brown eyes set in an oval face framed with ebony curls pierced his soul. He tenderly cupped her cheek, brushing the smooth skin with his calloused thumb.

“So are you.”

“I know. I should be terrified. Why am I not screaming and running for the door?”

“You know I won’t hurt you.” Smiling, Killian trailed his fingers along her shoulder and down her arm, brushing those magnificent breasts. “We belong to each other, you and I. Soul mates. I knew you by your scent.”

“Do you know how full of shit that sounds?” He blinked in surprise as she backed away, and then practically drooled as she crossed her arms and pressed those amazing mounds into a bounty of soft flesh. “I mean, I fully admit that you’re ridiculously gorgeous, toned, and sexy. I also confess to being mesmerized by your incredible ass, but that doesn't mean we’re soul mates. I’m pretty mesmerized by Hugh Jackman’s ass as well, but we’re not riding off into the sunset anytime soon. So, I am completely aware of how ludicrous this all sounds. Why, then, does it also sound completely… right?”

He smiled tenderly at the confusion in her voice, and tugged her back into his arms. Killian brushed her damp hair from her eyes, nudging under her chin until she looked up at him. His cock jumped when it was trapped between their bodies, reminding him that it wanted to be in a far better location. He urged patience even while scoping out the nearby wall. Her breathing changed, and he smelled her arousal once more. Her lemon and honey scent roused his sleeping bear.

“Because it is. Because you feel it, too. Because we have a connection that defies explanation.” Killian murmured with a growl from deep inside his soul. “And because of this.” Slanting his lips over hers, he plundered her mouth while palming one fleshy ass cheek in each hand. Someone moaned and he wasn't quite sure if it was her, him, or his aching cock seeking some form of relief. He didn't much care if it was her camera crew as long as she continued to squirm against him.

He lifted her into his arms, groaning when she wrapped her legs around his waist. His desperate cock, so close to relief, throbbed in protest at being further denied her succulent pussy. He pressed her against the wall, trailing his mouth down her throat in a hot, desperate path towards her breasts. The wetness that coated his aching cock when he got his first taste of her large nipple called to his inner animal. His chest grew a bit furrier, his nails a bit longer, his cock a bit wider. Growling, he nipped the taut peak as he gripped her plump ass. Holding her steady, he pulled back enough to place the smooth head against her open and waiting pussy, and thrust to the hilt in a single, fluid move. She moaned; he growled.

“Holy fuck, you didn’t tell me you were hung like a porn star!”

“Bear,” Killian rumbled against her breast. Though the angle was awkward and uncomfortable, it had been many years since he had seen such gorgeous tits. He wasn't about to give them up anytime soon. “Hung like a bear, my mate.”

“What-the-fuck-ever!” Gasping, she dug her nails into his shoulders as he pounded her against the wall. Picture frames bounced against the sheetrock, shaking loose to shatter on the hardwood floor.

Abandoning her breasts, he pulled her legs over his arms. With the changed the angle of his thrusts, his thick cock rubbed against her G-spot and drew such erotically delicious sounds from his panting mate. He watched the press and slide of his huge cock into her wet and waiting pussy, bare except for a neatly trimmed patch above her slit. He pressed against her clit with the pad of his thumb, careful of his lengthening claws, and roared when she clamped around his flesh with her orgasm.

Growling, he continued to stimulate the over-sensitive bundle of nerves, thrusting faster as he felt his balls tighten up. Her cries were a constant litany of pleas for more, littered with the most vulgar profanity he’d ever heard fall from such lovely lips. It encouraged him to fuck her faster, harder, and with deeper strokes than he had ever dared with a human. When she flooded his pistoning cock a second time, he released his tight self-control. Sinking his fangs into her shoulder, he emptied his balls into her waiting womb and thoroughly claimed this female as his own.

Gasping for air, he lapped at the blood seeping from his bite, soothing and healing the wound. The aftershocks of her powerful orgasm caressed his softening cock and threatened to coax him into another enthusiastic round. Killian supported her against his chest and dodged the broken glass from the shattered picture frames as he carried her to his bedroom. Since he refused to leave the warm cocoon of her contracting pussy, he lay her on the bed and then rolled so she rested on his chest.

“So, I suppose I should get your name,” he murmured as he stroked her sweat-slick back. Her throaty laughter echoed around the modest bedchamber, and stirred his disinterested cock back to life. Killian rolled her onto her back for round two.

He rumbled happily while his mate panted and twitched beside him. She was remarkably resilient for a human, stretching to take both his unusual length and intimidating girth with relative ease. Granted, when she came, her delightful pussy gripped his cock like an iron vise but that just added to her charm. He also enjoyed her aggression during sex, even if his back screamed in protest. Her short nails clawed at his back with every backstroke, leaving deep gouges in an effort to keep her greedy sex filled. If a few scars was the price he had to pay to keep such a delightful mate, he would invest in the first aid kit from hell. Killian never liked a docile partner.

Rolling onto his side, he brushed her ebony hair from her damp shoulders and peppered the soft skin with kisses. She moaned in protest, swiping at him with one aimlessly flailing arm. He caught her wrist, and suckled a finger into his mouth. Giving the digit a final nip, he resumed his tactile exploration of his mate. He lapped at the salty sweat along her spine, nipped her fleshy ass cheeks, and kissed each bruise on her hips left by his clutching fingers. When he spread her thighs to get his first taste of her intoxicating juices, Melody dislodged his seeking tongue and rolled over. She rose with effort to lean against the headboard, her impressive breasts heaving as she stared at him in disbelief.

“My God, Killian! Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Eventually.” He flashed her his most charming grin, as he eased her thighs open. Crawling forward, he rested her legs on his shoulders and took his first, delicious lick of her smooth pussy. “Though with you, I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired. You have the most gorgeous tits I've ever seen, the sweetest scent I've ever smelled, and the most delicious pussy I've ever tasted.” He pressed his tongue between her slick lips and teased her clit with its rough surface. Her soft moan encouraged him to continue. “Do you know how hard it was not to grab you from that tent yesterday and fuck you silly? I heard every moan and whimper when you watched me masturbate, smelled your come when you climaxed with me.”

“What? Oooh, yes, right there. Wait, what do you mean?” He thrust his tongue in deep, fucking her with the rough appendage. Killian pinched her clit when her hands pressed his face closer to her grinding sex. “Sweet baby Jesus, that can’t be natural! No, no, wait, I've never watched you jerk off.”

“Sure you have, mate.” His voice was muffled by her slick lips as he moved to tease her clit with his tongue. “Told you earlier. Hung like a bear. What did you think I meant?”

“Wait, wait, wait!” She scrambled out of his grasp, falling from the bed to land in a heap on the floor. “Are you saying that you and that X-rated bear are the same?”

“Yup. Now, get back up here, mate.” He licked her juices from his lips with a smack and reached for her. She scrambled backwards away from him. “What?”

“You… you have fangs!” She crab walked to the sliding glass door, and blindly searched for the handle. He wondered if she would do that again. It made her tits bounce in such delightful ways.

“Of course I have fangs. Bear, remember?” He sat at the edge of the bed, stroking his hard cock as his eyes devoured her nude body. “Besides, this at least should be familiar.” He indicated his twitching member with a grin.

“I don’t believe you. You've got those porcelain fangs the wannabe vamps like to wear. There’s no such thing as a bear that can turn into a man.”

“Perhaps not, but what about a man who can turn into a bear?”

And, with little more than a shudder, he did just that.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chapter 01

This story is very unlike most of my others. It is extremely tongue in cheek, written with the intent to be humorous and not take itself at all seriously. It is a mostly cheerful romp through a rather robust young woman's first and subsequent meetings with a bear shifter. It will pushed to Literotica once it is completed in full, but placed in segments here for better ease of reading.

Melody Kleptner is an anthropologist with a fairly famous television show hunting for evidence of the elusive Bigfoot. Killian Lancashire is successful computer programmer who is also a shifter of the bear persuasion. The two come together when an enthusiastic but misguided neighbor confuses the sometimes black bear for the Alabama Bigfoot. He wants her as a mate, but also wants to poke some fun at her colleagues.

Here's the beginning...

Melody pounded the last stake into the ground, securing the tent that would be her home for the next week. The rest of the crew scurried about the encampment like so many ants, sorting equipment, tents, food. Pretty much doing whatever it took to ensure that Melody was on her own. With a shrug, she tossed the sledgehammer into the box and returned it to the truck. She was used to the men on these shoots being less than helpful, if not outright hostile. She was the debunker of myths. The rain on their parade. The fly in their soup. And all the other random clich├ęs that meant she not only didn't believe in their bullshit, she didn't try to fake like she did. The fact that she was female just added to the hostility levels.

Ignoring the hints to start dinner, Melody started pitching the supply tents. The team could easily dine on energy bars and cold toaster pastries for one night, but the network had warned them what would happen if they lost another piece of equipment due to negligence. The rest of the crew might not believe their executive producer’s ultimatum, but she had seen them talking with their lawyers. She had heard them discussing the cost of new equipment versus buying out the team’s contracts. Melody knew they weren't bluffing this time.

Terry, the team’s oldest member in both time with the program and age, joined her at the tents. They worked in tandem, driving the long stakes into the ground and tying off guy-lines. They had three sturdy pavilions designated for the mound of equipment and supplies needed for such a show surrounded by the crew’s individual tents. As they worked, Melody and Terry discussed the issues facing the popular show. In the beginning, People had been glued to their televisions in hopes of finding the truth about the various mythological creatures that appeared in almost every culture. After six seasons of searching, the team of anthropologists, biologists, archaeologists, scientists (and every other –ist they could convince to join the show) had yet to produce a single, indisputable fact. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Yeti remained a mystery along with their lesser known cousins like the Chupacabra, the Clurichaun, and the Leshi. Ratings had begun to drop, and the producers wanted results. If they didn't come up with something other than some indistinct footprints and ruined gear, he was looking at a return to teaching. He commented, only half-joking, that it really wasn't on his to-do list.

It took the better part of day to set up camp and sort their gear. When they were done, they placed the expensive camera equipment in the center tent ringed by the men’s pop-ups. The network executives had made it quite plain that a team member was easier to replace than one of the motion-sensitive, hi-resolution cameras. Though he maintained that the loss of the previous three had been through freak accidents, Terry had sworn on a stack of Bibles that he would guard this one with his life. He would also share the tent with the camera, which ensured he wasn't the first member to hit the unemployment line. A large canopy with removable mesh sides held their tracking supplies as well as their potable water and food. Melody, along with one of the younger members of the team, suggested suspending their food but the rest of the team dismissed their concerns with condescending laughter. They had never had problems before and the “new kids” were just being paranoid.

Melody grabbed a bottle of water, a banana, and an energy bar, found a comfortable shade tree, and read the file for this episode’s investigation. Local reports told of a large, hairy humanoid roaming the woods, making odd sounds and scaring the chickens. She chuckled softly as she looked at the grainy photographs. Even the best one could be anything from a man in a costume to an oddly pruned tree. If they had only known her Great Uncle Larry, they would have declared him Bigfoot. He had been over seven feet tall, and cursed with an acute case of Hypertrichosis, more commonly called Ambras or werewolf syndrome. In layman’s terms, he was a very, very hairy man. She flipped the page with a smirk. Uncle Larry looked more the part than these blurry photographs. As a former sideshow and vaudeville performer, he would have had too much fun with a program such as this one. Melody was pretty confident that this area’s Bigfoot was just another Uncle Larry.

“So, what do you think, Miss Kleptner? Still believe we’re chasing fairytales?” Andrew, the show’s researcher, flopped onto the ground beside her.

“I do, actually.” Melody flipped the file back to the small number of photographs. “These are terrible. My phone takes better pictures, and it’s a disposable flip-phone from the age of dinosaurs.”

“Well, most people don’t have our state of the art equipment readily at hand when a large humanoid creature stumbles across their back yard.”

“I suppose not, but seriously, a Polaroid would have taken a better picture.” She pulled the worst of the photos from the group and set it at the top of the stack. It showed a fuzzy silhouette crossing an open field. “Look at this one. It’s little more than a human-shaped shadow. There’s nothing nearby to give perspective, nor are there any landmarks to place this field. The creature could have been made from toothpicks and cotton balls and then photoshopped on top of this field, which could be anywhere in the world there is grass. Not only is this bullshit, but it’s poorly rendered bullshit, and you lot swallowed it hook, line, and sinker!”

“Wow, you really are a bitch, aren't you?” Andrew rose, brushing the leaves from his designer cargo pants. “Just because you can’t see the possibilities doesn't mean we are wrong. Bigfoot’s out there and we’re going to find him.”

“What will you do then?” Melody called to him as he walked away.

“What do you think? After we've made our million, sell him to the highest bidder, of course.”

Shaking her head, she scanned the file a final time before returning it to the equipment tent. The moon sat high in the sky, cooling the humid air and encouraging the mosquitos to feast on the human interlopers. She took it as a sign to head to bed. Conversation stopped as she passed the sputtering campfire, but she ignored the hateful glares. She hadn't been hired to be their buddy. Her role was that of the dissenting opinion on a show that teetered on the verge of cancellation. The more they despised her, the greater the tension and higher the ratings. It sounded ridiculous but the network executives assured her it worked. Melody bid the crew a good night and retreated to her tent. She doused the light before changing into cotton sleep shorts and a black tank top with a built-in bra. Probably not a good idea to provide an impromptu shadow peep-show on a family program. The quiet murmur of the men lulled her to sleep within minutes.

The following morning dawned gloomy, humid, and oppressively hot. Low rumbles of thunder rolled in the distance, signaling an incoming storm that would put their tent stakes to the test. As Melody secured her journal and cell phone inside a waterproof bag, she hoped Terry’s tent withstood the storm. Otherwise, that new camera would come out of his severance pay. She liked the stern, older man. He was one of the few on the team who didn't see her as some sort of threat to his masculinity. He was also quite popular with the female audience, resembling a cross between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford. She was certain there were several smitten women who would hate to see him leave.

She rolled up her sleeping bag, grabbed her clothes and toiletries, and headed for the small stream they’d passed on their way in. The men were arguing over the portable shower, the heat and humidity already wearing on their short tempers, and she shared an amused look with Terry as she passed. He would read them the riot act once she was out of sight, salvaging their egos even as he took them down a peg or three. Though she was never out of hearing range, she played it cool upon her return which soothed them that much more. Maybe they would make it through the first day without a fight.

The water was deliciously cold, raising the hair on her arms and turning her nipples into hard, crinkled points. Abandoning modesty for cleanliness, she stripped off the shorts and top and waded into the shallow stream. Melody washed away a day of hiking and setting up camp, and a night of sweating in the still air of the tent. She rinsed her sleep clothes, turned to hang them on a nearby branch, and looked straight into the greenest eyes she’d ever seen.

She pulled the washcloth to her chest in an effort to hide her nakedness, but succeeded in barely covering one generous breast. A scream lodged somewhere between her stomach and her throat. Melody opened her mouth to set it free, but it refused to surface and left her gaping like a fish. Somewhere in the back of her mind was the thought that it probably wasn't her best or most intelligent look.

The creature’s green eyes roamed her body with such intensity that she swore she felt it in a physical sense. Her heart raced. Her nipples, those fickle things, throbbed to feel more than his gaze. Moisture pooled between her thighs. Her breath came in gasps. As she fought the urge to go to the creature, the intense green eyes were gone. In leaving, they returned her sanity.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Melody muttered as she stepped from the stream. “I got turned on by some strange peeping-tom creature in the middle of Bum-Fuck-Nowhere. My best friend was right; I really need to get laid.”

Dressing quickly in jeans and a t-shirt, she grabbed her toiletries and returned to camp. She also thought of those piercing green eyes that seemed to look straight into her soul. A bunch of metaphysical horseshit, she was certain, but that’s exactly what it had felt like. If she was romantically inclined, she would say it was like finding one’s soulmate – an instant recognition of one’s perfect match. Melody tossed her gear into the tent with a snort. Just my luck! My so-called perfect match just happens to be some pervert in the deep south, or worse, some furry animal with astonishingly green eyes. Fuck my life.

She tugged her socks and hiking boots on, and stomped towards the camp’s make-shift kitchen. It had taken yelling, threats of bodily harm, and a meeting with the network’s lawyers to make the crew understand that she was not going to be the camp’s maid. They tested her the first two or three shows, leaving dirty pans on the stove or dishes in the sink. She took photographs of the mess, and then cooked her meal over the campfire. By the third meeting with the lawyers, which included threats of replacement, the crew learned she was serious. They still grumbled, but they cleaned up after themselves.

Whatever worked.

Melody checked the weather reports on her phone as she ate. The storm would hit later in the afternoon, and if the fates were kind, roll out in a couple of days. She jotted down the information so Terry could plan accordingly. This meant they would be here at least three days before they could really start the investigation. The crew were out hanging the sturdiest of their weather-resistant gear, but she doubted Terry would risk their best cameras in the coming storm. Sighing, she tossed her garbage in the bin, and froze for the second time that morning.

A large black bear stood just inside the clearing, the largest she had ever seen. What was she thinking? It was the first black bear she had ever seen outside of a zoo or an internet search. It didn't approach the encampment, nor did it pace along the wood’s edge. It simply stood there and seemed to be watching her. Was this her peeping tom from the stream? Did bears even have green eyes? And what the hell was it doing now?

The bear leaned against a tree, showing off his furry underbelly, incredibly long claws, and an impressively large cock. A really impressively large cock. Thick as a soda can and as long as her forearm, at least, the head glistened in the overcast sun. He wrapped a hairy paw around his thick cock, and gave it a single, slow stroke. He rumbled; she whimpered. His paw slid along his oddly human-looking cock, gripping the base, giving it a slight twist near the head – long, steady strokes that progressively grew faster the longer she watched.

Melody sank into a chair, and loosened her jeans. The bear grunted, slowing his strokes as her hand disappeared between her thighs. As she rubbed her clit, he matched his rhythm to hers – speeding up when she did, slowing down when she came too close to orgasm. Then he set the rhythm, his eyes daring her to match it. He rose to his feet as his black paw pumped his cock. He thrust into his strokes; his back pressed against the tree for leverage and support. She matched him stroke for stroke, her fingers sinking deep into her dripping pussy as she rubbed her clit with the heel of her palm. Her toes curled with her impending orgasm, heat flooded her body, and the blood rushed through her ears. She bit hard on her lip as her body shook, and come poured over her thrusting fingers. The bear echoed her release with a loud roar, his seed pulsing from his cock to splash onto a nearby fern. He dropped back onto all fours, back and shoulders heaving, and loped into the forest with a final roar.

“What the fuck just happened?” Melody yanked her hand from her jeans, and fastened them with a furious blush. Standing on rubbery legs, she took a quick look around the camp and then disappeared inside her tent. She prayed no one had been watching her.