Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter 03

Melody watched in horror as her lover seemed to both melt and expand from a bipedal human into a quadrupedal black bear. A disturbingly familiar black bear. A familiar black bear with a very familiar erect cock. With a grunt, the bear leaned against the large bed and wrapped his paw around the base of his penis. His eyes were the same exquisite green as Killian’s, though his cock seemed even larger. As he mimicked his slow strokes from the day before, it began to dawn on her that he was telling her the truth. The bear was her lover.

A bear. Her lover was a fucking bear. A bubble of hysterical laughter formed, but she clamped down on that fucker. No way was she falling apart in front of a strangely sexy masturbating bear. Scrambling for the latch, she opened the door onto the balcony and promptly fell onto her ass. Her thighs screamed as she crab walked to the bannister, but she refused to turn her back on the large black bear in the bedroom. When her back struck the rough wood railing, she rose on shaky legs and darted a quick glance over the edge. The drop was short, barely five feet, onto a well-maintained lawn.

Turning, she started the mad climb over the railing and to freedom. She raised her leg to swing over the rails and felt a coarse, warm tongue plunge into her exposed pussy. Melody froze. The tongue returned, repetitively thrusting deep inside her tender hole in an obvious imitation of a more carnal sex act. Like the bubble of hysteria earlier, she clamped her lips closed on the treacherous moan that welled up from her stomach. A furry paw landed on her leg when she tried to continue climbing the rails and the tongue alternated its thrusts with a rough lap at her clit. Her moans didn't ask her permission; they sallied forth with vigor as her tired body built up to another massive orgasm.

Eventually, it didn't matter who or what was behind her; that thrusting tongue was doing sinfully wonderful things to her pussy. Melody quit trying to escape and started pushing back, her soft moans growing in volume. The paw holding her leg shifted, the fur receding to calloused fingers and tanned skin. She protested when his wicked tongue slurped free of her throbbing channel, but shouted her approval when it was replaced by Killian’s hard cock.

“I won’t hurt you, Melody,” he rumbled in her ear. The bannister rail creaked from the force of his thrusts. She gripped the edge, no longer trying to escape but to press hard against his surging cock. He accented his next words with particularly savage thrusts, bruising her tender pussy but bringing her release that much closer. “You. Are. My. Mate.”

She laid her forehead on her hands, and planted her foot against the lowest railing. Pressing against it gave her better leverage. Her large breasts swung free, slapping against her hands with each of his powerful thrusts. He kept her splayed open wide, his large cock ploughing into her sodden pussy so deep it caused a sharp ache in the pit of her stomach. Still, she met him thrust for thrust, and shouted his name as she drenched him with her come. A heavy hand gripped her shoulder, pressing her firmly against the rail as his thrusts grew more erratic. He roared his release, filling her with his seed until it ran down her thigh.

Melody turned her head and pressed a kiss to the hand still gripping her shoulder. Killian’s softening cock pulsed and throbbed inside her as he eased her leg from the rail. His warm chest rested against her back, and he nuzzled her hair aside to kiss her neck. As frightened as she had been when he had first changed into a bear, she now felt as if he would never allow anything to scare her again. She remembered how safe she had felt by the stream and earlier in his living room. His being a bear made her feel even safer, rather than scared.

“This is some freaky shit, Killian.” His rumbly chuckle shook her against the wooden rail, reminding her that it had sharp edges that liked to bite into soft flesh. “We need to talk, but can we move off the rail? I think I've got a splinter in my boob.”

“I’ll be more than happy to search for it.” She giggled as her bear cupped her large breasts with his even larger hands and eased her off the bannister.

Somehow, he managed to settle onto a cushioned lounge chair without dislodging his half-hard cock from her body. She wondered how often he had practiced that move, so she asked him. His laughter wrapped around her like a warm blanket, and she decided she didn't really care. Whoever he had practiced on, she was the one reveling in his gained expertise. Perched on his lap and wrapped in his arms, Melody sighed as his hands lightly roamed her body. She was sore, but unwilling to make him move. He felt so good, and it had been a long time since a partner wanted her with such fervor. Hell, none of her partners had ever wanted her with the voracious hunger her bear had shown.

Her bear. That reminded her…

“So, tell me about the bear.”

Several hours later, Melody trudged up the stream in the pouring rain, soaking wet and aching in places that hadn't felt the touch of another’s hand since the earth’s crust was cooling. Killian had been insatiable. When she had finally crawled from his bedroom in search of energy-giving food, he had taken her on the kitchen table. Afterwards, she had stumbled into the living room to check on the storm. A single growl had been her only warning before he bent her over the arm of the sofa and stuffed her battered pussy with his thick cock. When she staggered into the mud room to retrieve her clothing, he had the audacity to throw a pair of sneakers into the dryer before setting her on top and fucking her to the thumping rhythm. Her poor pussy felt like she’d been fucked by a lascivious jackhammer while her shoulder ached where he’d bitten her. Several times. She was going to have to cap those fangs of his.

The other advantage to their marathon of sex, besides giving her more orgasms than a bad porn flick, had been learning the truth of the Alabama Bigfoot. Granted, it wasn't a truth she could share with the television crew, but it sure beat her theory of a very hairy man. In between eating and fucking, the two of them had discussed the show and how to handle things during their week of filming. Killian was determined to fuck with Animal Planet in a way that she deemed unsafe, but there was no dissuading him. Admittedly, with his monstrous cock tickling her tonsils via her throbbing pussy, she didn't put up too much of a fight. She still thought he was risking too much for a few laughs.

“Kleptner! Where the fuck have you been? I've had the crew searching these woods for hours looking for you.” Terry stood at the edge of the narrow stream, wearing a hunter orange rain slicker and a fierce scowl.

“Horseshit,” Melody snorted on her way by. “If they’d been looking that long or searching very far, they’d have found me. It’s not exactly like I’m invisible.”

“They did look for you. They knew the network would shut us down if we let something happen to you.” Terry fell into step beside her, his eyes glued to the stiff points of her nipples pressing against the thin wet material of her tank top. They had not gone down since that morning due to her bear’s fascination with them. The way they ached and throbbed, they may never retreat.

“How charming. They only searched for me because the station would pitch a fit.” Feeling impish, she peeled the soaked cloth from her chest, giving the older man a clear view of the hills and valleys between her neck and navel. She managed to stifle a laugh when he walked into a tree. Barely. “Look. I only brought one pair of shower shoes to this godforsaken forest, and one went floating downstream while I was bathing. I took off after it. Then the skies opened up and I ducked under a tree canopy until it dropped from a raging flood to a steady rain.” She adjusted her top, pulling it lower to show more cleavage and her taut but deliciously tender nipples. Killian nearly chewed the bloody things off.

“Um, well, you know how the guys are.” Terry swallowed convulsively as the wet material molded itself to each generous globe. As they entered the edge of the camp, he pointed off to his right without taking his eyes from her quivering breasts. “Listen. I’m going to let you get undressed. I mean, dried off! If anyone asks, I’ve got some things to take care of in my tent.”

She called a cheerful farewell, and aimed for the food canopy. Even though she had eaten at Killian’s house, she had worked off her lunch and then some while fucking her lusty bear. Wringing the water from her hair, she grabbed a bottle of water and a banana. She would start with that and decide what else was on the menu once she wasn't feeling faint from lack of food, water, and rest. It didn't take long before the others joined her.

“Cute stunt, Kleptner.” Andrew was the first to speak, and the only one whose eyes didn't linger on her massive tits and diamond-hard nipples. She had to give him credit for that, at least. “Hoped to get a bit of face time with the camera?”

“Nope.” Melody peeled the banana, spotting the large black bear pacing just beyond the tree line. “Hoped to rescue my shoe from the stream’s current. It’s the only pair I brought, and I didn't fancy the idea of walking around barefoot.”

“Did you see anything?” Tim, the show's resident biologist, didn't even try to hide his stare when a breeze blew through the camp and hardened her nipples into dangerous points. She thought she caught a bit of drool forming at the corner of his mouth.

“I saw rocks, water, trees, and lots and lots of rain. Why?” Catching Killian’s green stare, Melody eased her lips over the smooth flesh of the banana before taking a bite.

“Um, well.” Her mate wasn't the only one watching her performance. Tim swallowed audibly, pushing his fogged glassed up his nose. “Um, see, we heard something after you’d been gone about thirty minutes. It sounded like, I don’t know, an enraged bear or a mountain lion in heat.” Good guess! she thought. You just need to combine the two: it was a bear in heat.

“It was the creature!” Andrew exclaimed excitedly. For once ignoring his perpetual sullen animosity towards her. “I keep telling you there aren't any mountain lions in this area and the likelihood of bears so close to the city is nonexistent. Did you see it? What did it look like? Why didn't you call for help?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! I didn't see anything but rain and trees! Should I have called for help because I confused a spruce with a damn loblolly pine?” She chomped the end of the banana, causing Brian to wince and Killian to rumble. “Listen. It was just bad luck all around. I lost my shoe. It floated downstream. The storm came and I tried to wait it out. That’s all.”

“Fine,” Andrew huffed and left the canopy. “But I know he’s out there!”

The others shuffled about, mumbling beneath their breath, before they too retreated to their tents. Melody sighed as she was left alone to the sound of the rain beating on the plastic tarp, and the rhythmic strokes and grunts of a man on the edge of release. She offered silent applause when Terry gave a muffled shout, and prayed he aimed away from the cameras. She was fairly certain that would be difficult to explain to the network execs.

With the storm clouds blocking most of the sun’s rays, even noon felt like night in the small encampment. Melody changed into dry clothing and a rain slicker before joining the crew to discuss the effects of the weather on their investigation. Satellite reports predicted the storm would move out of the area by early morning, leaving them with six full days to try to capture her ursine lover on their cameras. She made notes as she listened to their plans, and hoped Killian knew what he was doing.

The crew set up the cameras beneath the food canopy and filmed the requisite introductions for the program. Melody played poker with Brian and Tim behind the scenes while Andrew ran the camera. Terry, as team lead and the sexiest member according to a network poll, read from the script, pausing where the scanned testimonials and photographs would be edited in. When he launched into the obligatory speculations on the identity of the creature, Melody smothered a laugh. Not once did he theorize that the being might be a large, hairy man – the most logical of all explanations. She supposed it didn't make for a good television program. Nor did he speculate on the presence of a were-creature, for which she was grateful.

Afternoon faded into evening with no relief from the pouring rain. She wasn't sure if she regretted being unable to join her lover, or thankful for the respite. Hours later, she was still sitting gingerly and her damn nipples rubbed against her bra constantly. She was going to have a talk with her bear about chewing them raw. She crawled into her tent at eight o'clock  tired of listening to the crew bitch about the rain, and prepared for bed. She fell asleep within minutes.

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