Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chapter 07

The camp didn't settle down until almost midnight, even though the mood was somber. As expected, the network executives had been extremely unhappy to learn that Andrew had sold photographs. Also as expected, they were discussing legal action against the sullen researcher. He had managed to drink most of the case of smuggled beer, sinking into a drunken stupor while the rest of the crew prepacked the equipment. Killian watched from the tree line, grumbling with frustration. The moon continued its steady trek across the starlit sky, leaving him with very little time to talk with his mate, convince her to give them a chance, and hopefully begin their mating. He was not a happy bear.

He watched Melody sneak from her tent and make her way to the port-o-john. She eased the door closed, grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler, and darted to the tree line. Killian was mesmerized by the glorious sight of her huge, bouncing breasts, their unbound magnificence urging him to touch and taste and bask in their wondrous softness. He caught her behind the first tree, whipped off her shirt, and buried his face in her massive cleavage with a happy rumble. Her breathy giggle urged him on. Lifting her up, he latched onto one tempting nipple, suckling happily as he carried her deeper into the forest. He groaned when she wrapped her stout legs around his waist and rubbed her warm pussy along his dripping cock.

“How much do you like those shorts, mate?” he growled against her breast as he sat her on a perfectly sized rock. He nipped and bit his way to her other breast, laving the taut nipple with his tongue before nipping the sensitive tip.

“What? I dunno. They’re okay, I guess.”

“Good.” With a growl, he ripped away the offending material and slid his thick cock home in a single, smooth stroke. “I have been wanting this amazing pussy since watching you come all over my fingers. God, Melody, you’re so fantastic.”

He started with long, steady strokes, making a sound between a growl and a moan every time he withdrew. Her clutching pussy gripped him like a warm, wet vice. Heaven. His mate was pure heaven on Earth. Her ankles crossed at his lower back, pulling him deeper than he had ever dared with a human female. There had to be some discomfort, he was large even for a bear shifter, but she took it all and begged for more. Her nails clawed at his back, leaving gouges that he would cherish later. As his thrusts grew in force and speed, the heavy moon overhead called to him and his fangs dropped in anticipation of claiming his mate.

“Mate with me, Melody.” He reluctantly left her breasts and kissed a hot trail along her collarbone. “We will talk, I swear. I will explain everything, anything, just please… please say we can begin our mating tonight.” He sucked on that sensitive spot behind her ear and felt her inner walls clamping tight around his thrusting cock. Fur sprouted along his back as his very nature urged him to mark his female in every way possible.

“Killian, no fair!” Her small hands on his ass, pulling him closer, faster, harder, threatened to push him over the edge far too soon.

Her words penetrated his lust-hazed brain, and he swallowed his disappointment. She was right. He was pushing her, manipulating her. He had promised they would talk and yet he was forcing the decision in a moment of passion. Burying his face in her hair to hide the few tears he could not stop from falling, Killian reached between them to thrum her clit and bring her to completion. His mate had other ideas. She grabbed two great handfuls of his hair, and gave them a vicious tug until he faced her.

“Listen, you stupid bear.” He licked at her lip, moaning when she captured his tongue in her teeth and sucked it into her mouth. Their tongues stroked and caressed, but she continued to dominate the kiss. His will melted into goo. “What I meant by ‘no fair’ was the way your damn cock seemed to grow until I could have sworn I was tasting you in the back of my throat. No one should be that damned thick and long and so fucking talented that my brain does a meltdown! I did not mean we couldn't start the mating.” She nipped his lips and traced his elongated fangs with her tongue. For all that she was still impaled on his cock and with her shorts half-torn from her dripping pussy, her smile held a hint of shyness and uncertainty. “I was kinda hoping we would, if that’s still okay with you?”

Killian drew back and stared at her. Her beautiful brown eyes were glazed with lust, tinted with irritation, but glowed with acceptance. She wasn't denying him. Holy fuck and hot damn, she wasn't denying him! He growled. He roared. He picked her up and spun her around with a joyful laugh. And then he kissed her – deep and hard and thorough. He tasted every damn inch of her delectable mouth and wanted more. As he laid her, not on the hard rock’s surface but on the leaf-strewn ground, his eyes drank in her massive tits, her curving hips, her generous thighs clutching his waist, and he knew right then and there that she would make the most magnificent bear he had ever seen. He eased his cock from her clutching pussy and watched in awe as it welcomed him back into its warm, slick sheath. He held her flushed and swollen lips open, gazing at the wonder as her body accepted his thick member with ease. Hell yeah, this was his mate.

Hell fucking yeah!

“You noticed how I grew inside you, mate?” Killian’s voice, always deep and rumbly, vibrated from his chest. His fangs grew as he made a slight shift towards his larger hybrid-bear form. “A bear’s cock is longer than a human’s. A shifter’s girth is wider than a human’s. A bear shifter’s strength and speed are greater than a human’s. I can shift any part of my body that I choose, isolate that one area until it is more bear than human. Is that what you want, Melody? Do you want to be fucked by a bear?”

“Jesus fucking Christ and all twelve of his goddamn disciples, that sounds like heaven! Do it, Killian! Fuck me like a bear, and claim your mate.”

He let out a powerful roar, surging forward with bruising strength. The sounds of their coupling echoed in the still night, flesh against flesh, moans and groans, growls and whimpers. He increased his dick’s size slowly. He wanted to fuck her until she saw stars, not injure her with a swift change. Her pussy stretched to accept him; her slick walls stroked his shaft with such amazing warmth that it sent lightning bolts of pleasure throughout his body. His back arched, his toes curled, and he tipped his head back with a bear’s version of a hedonistic purr. Holy fuck, she was going to make <i>him</i> see stars when she came, she was clenching him so tight. Killian pulled her legs over his arms, planted his hands on either side of her head, and grinned down at his writhing mate.

“Hang on tight, babe, because this bear is about give you what you asked for.”

His hips moved in a blur as he hammered her greedy pussy with his unnaturally large cock. Fur grew along his back, and his claws dug into the soft ground to prevent him from pushing her with his forceful thrusts. Her breasts shook delightfully, mesmerizing him with their abandoned dance of soft flesh and puckered nipples. He caught one in his teeth, chewing and sucking the tender tip until she cried out with her first orgasm. Her unrelenting pussy gripped him until he feared she would strip him of a layer of skin. Hell fucking yeah! He attacked the second nipple with equal fervor, adding a circle of nips and bites around the quivering peak. She moaned his name and tangled her fingers into his hair. Sometimes she pulled, sometimes she pushed, but she always begged for more. He was more than happy to provide.

As her skin flushed with the onset of her second orgasm, he wrapped his paw-like hands under her shoulders to ready her for his bite. He was so close to coming that his balls had crawled into his ass in an effort to urge him onward. It didn't help when Melody’s hand snaked between them to rub her clit with lustful abandon. Damn that woman was determined to kill him, but he was gonna die one happy bear. He asked again to be certain; her growl impressed him when she told him to get the fuck on with it. His fangs sank into the join of her shoulder and neck as he pumped his seed into her pussy. This was his female and woe be to the man or beast that tried to separate them! Lapping at the wound, he sliced through his chest with a sharp claw and pressed her lips to the cut.

“If you’ll have me, Melody, complete the first step.”

Her tongue playing over the shallow cut brought new life into his flagging cock. With a growl, he surged forward, thrusting deep into her slick warmth. He loved how  her flesh molded around his, gripping him, stroking him, begging him for more. When she suckled at the healing wound, he nearly lost his mind. He sat up on his knees, pressing her clit with the pad of his thumb as he watched his thick cock disappear into her body with bruising force. Her hands played with her tits, pinching and tugging on the hard nipples. God, she was amazing! As he felt his orgasm boil up from tight balls, he pinched her clit between his claws. She opened her mouth to scream but the no sound emerged. Her slick cunt closed around him like a fist, contracting with each wave of her pleasure and adding to his own. He did, indeed, see stars. Wind whistled in his ears as his body locked in carnal ecstasy. He gave a final thrust, shooting the last of his come deep into her womb, and collapsed on top of his sated and exhausted mate.

“When,” she gasped through a throat parched and scratchy from her moans, “can we do that again?” Killian chuckled softly.



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