Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chapter 08

Melody ran her fingers through Killian’s hair as she tried to slow her racing heart. His cock still felt huge and heavy as it pulsed gently inside her throbbing pussy. She unhooked her ankles and caressed the backs of his thighs with her feet, giving a whimpering sigh when his dick twitched in response. She had to lower her legs, though. Her feet were going numb from the elevation. Her thighs ached from his savage thrusts. Her back felt scratched to all hell from the sticks and roots and tiny rocks. She probably had dirt and leaves stuffed in the crack of her ass. But… she didn’t care. Her bear’s warm body blanketed her from the cool night air, his weight suspended by the arm still wrapped around her shoulders. His face was buried in her sore neck where his lips peppered her skin with feather-light kisses. She was not only sexually sated, but also had a soul-deep feeling of contentment. Both were due to her sexy bear.

“Killian?” She missed the warmth of his soft kisses when he raised his head. His green eyes sparkled in the bright light of the full moon, taking her breath away with their brilliance. She brushed his lips with hers, and sighed when he deepened it without letting it get out of hand. “So, what now? I have so many questions, but I don’t even know where to start.”

“Start wherever you want, mate.” His smile lit up his eyes, making them all the more beautiful.

“I won’t be a housewife. I’d end up going crazy, and probably burn the place down after hacking you into tiny pieces.”

“My, that escalated quickly.” His quiet chuckles vibrated throughout her body, from her sore nipples to her raw pussy. She squirmed beneath him, and wondered if one could get addicted to sex. She wanted him again, already, though her body screamed in protest. She was pretty certain she could tell it to shut the fuck up. “I have a confession to make, Melody. I don’t want you to be a housewife. I work from home, and you would be far too distracting.”

I’m distracting?” She smoothed her hands over his shoulders and down the soft curls that coated his chest. Her fingers played along his muscular abs, then snaked around his trim waist to cup his firm ass. She moaned softly when his cock stirred inside her. “Have you looked in the mirror? You’re the distracting one. I’m surprised you don’t have a horde of women lining up outside your door for just a glimpse of this incredible ass. If they knew you had a gorgeously thick fucking-machine of a dick, too, and you knew what to do with it? Hell, I’d have to beat them off with a baseball bat.”

“I am a rather sexy bear, aren't I?” She joined in his light laughter, landing a stinging slap on his ass for his arrogant vanity. He rotated his hips, and robbed her of coherent thought. His dick needed a warning label. “Seriously though, we may choose to bring others to our bed, Melody - like the bobcat or your friend Terry - but I won’t share your heart. I kinda want it for myself. If you choose to stay and complete the mating, it will bind our hearts and souls together in a way that none can sever.”

“So, this mate-thing is kinda like a marriage with no divorce?” He nodded his head with a gentle smile. She leaned into his hand as his fingers brushed her hair from her face. “What about babies?”

“Fuck!” She knew the moment it dawned on him how often they’d had enthusiastic, energetic, and very <i>unprotected</i> sex. His eyes widened, and he swallowed convulsively before he managed to choke out his apology. “I’m so sorry, Melody. You know whatever you choose, whether we complete our mating or not, I’ll take care of you and the child. I swear it.”

“I got us covered, Killian, so try not to panic. I've got to admit that I thought about this earlier, though. Do they even make condoms to fit that jack-hammer of yours?”

“They’re tight, but yeah, they make’em big enough. Nothing survives if I shift like I did earlier, though.”

She felt him relax against her, and let her hands wander over his skin. As he placed soft nips and kisses along her shoulder, Melody tried to remember the rest of her questions. The fine hair of his chest tickled her sensitive nipples, making them ache for more. His cock started a gentle slide in her tender pussy, rubbing his thick head along her slick walls and sending shivers throughout her body. He really did fit her better than any lover she’d had before, and his recovery time was unnatural! Her arousal stirred as he eased his arms from beneath her and explored her large breasts with his massive hands. She whimpered when he pinched the large, puckered tips, and arched her back to press more of her soft flesh into his palms.

“What… oh, that’s just teasing!” She gasped when his lips closed over one turgid peak, and he teased it with the tip of his tongue. “What I wanted to ask about babies… oh God, you feel so fucking amazing! Do they pop out looking like kids or cubs? You’re enough to rip my damn pussy to shreds, I don’t need bear, junior… oh yesyesyesfuckyes… clawing his way out.”

“Nothing to worry about, Melody,” Killian muttered around the nipple in his mouth, sending delicious vibrations through her body. She groaned when his large cock slid wetly from her body to tap against her thigh. As his hot mouth trailed down her stomach, she tried to focus on his words. Worry? The only thing she was worried about was the ache he’d stirred between her legs again. “If we have kids, they won’t shift until puberty.” His scratchy tongue played over her throbbing clit with teasing light strokes. She canted her hips, pushing his head lower. She loved his thick cock, but his tongue was amazingly agile. And scratchy. And so fucking long and wide. And oh my God, I think he’s licking the back of my fucking throat!

“Christ on a cracker, how long is that fucking thing?”

“Long enough.” His voice was deep and rough, a sign that he’d shifted closer to his bear form. No wonder his tongue was touching her in places that should be outlawed. Warmth built as her body tensed. Had she ever been this easy to come? Her breath hitched when he pinched her clit between his fingers, rubbing and tugging the hard nub as his tongue fucked her deep and lapped up her flowing juices. Her orgasm washed over her in waves and sent tingles of pleasure from her scalp to her toes. Killian cleaned her thoroughly, his rough tongue scraping along her smooth pussy lips and inner thighs. When he hiked her legs over his forearms and splayed her wide, she whimpered in eager anticipation of another round.

“Killian?!” Her eyes popped open in surprise as his rough tongue played over her puckered asshole. His fingers teased along the seam of her ass, holding her open as he swiped his tongue over the tight hole a second time.

“Should I stop?”

“Noooo,” she moaned as his stiff tongue eased inside the tight orifice. “It’s just… oooh, yeah baby… no one’s ever done that before. But God, that feels odd and good and strange and amazing and ohpleasedon’tstop!” Her lower back rested on her bear’s muscular thighs as his tongue slowly fucked her ass. He held her thigh with one calloused hand while the other played along her pussy. He pinched her clit and thrust his fingers into her dripping cunt, all while his tongue moved deeper into her ass with every push.

“I think you like this, mate.” Killian pulled his tongue from her ass, replacing it with fingers drenched from her slick pussy. He started slow, sliding and thrusting a single thick finger until she relaxed enough for him to press in a second. When he moved his hand from her thigh to plunge into her empty cunt, her brain melted into one big mass of horny, erotic goo. She felt him add another finger to her ass, her moans a continuous litany of cursing, pleading, and cries of ecstasy as he sawed his hands into her body. “Holy fucking hell, Melody. Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now?”

“Don’t care. Just want you to fuck me, Killian. I wanna feel your fat cock bumping the back of my damn throat.”

“Hell yeah!”

She mourned the loss of his thrusting fingers as he flipped her onto her hands and knees, but only for a moment. He eased his fingers back into her ass and then thrust his cock deep into her pussy. So fucking full! Snarling at him to stay still, Melody dug her fingers into the soft dirt and fucked him hard. When he wrapped his free hand around her waist and pinched her clit, an intense orgasm took her by surprise and robbed her of all but basic motor control. Her arms collapsed beneath her, elevating her ass for more delightfully decadent debauchery. Gasping for air, she cushioned her face on her folded arms as her bear continued to pound into her. His pelvis pushed his thick fingers deep into her throbbing ass while his cock danced along her g-spot. The dirt and leaves and twigs scraped her sensitive nipples, chafing the raw tips but filling her with as much pleasure as pain. Dear God, he was going to fuck her absolutely to death, but she’d kill him if he tried to stop. She managed to cry out during her next orgasm, but only managed a long, drawn-out groan of pure ecstasy for her third. Her thighs were drenched in her come. Her ass was starting to scream in protest. Then he shifted a bit more towards his bear, pinched her clit, and she told her ass to just fucking deal with it. She wanted more.

When Killian finally roared out his release, her orgasms had blended into one gigantic, rolling mass of sensation. Her entire world focused on her pulsing and contracting pussy; his massive, pounding cock; her aching ass; throbbing clit; and those sinful fingers that filled her where few had gone before. The aftermath was like an out of body experience. She felt his thick cock pump her full of his seed. She felt it run down her thighs. She even shivered as the early morning breeze cooled the wet come on her legs. Yet none of it really penetrated the sated, hazy afterglow of awesome sex and more orgasms than she could count. Warm lips traced her spine; a wet tongue played over her hypersensitive skin as he eased his fingers from her protesting ass. She whimpered at the loss, uncertain if it was from pain or relief. Her brain refused to deal with the details just yet. It was content to float on the tingly, thought-stealing, breathtaking sensation of oh my God, best sex ever!

“Melody?” Her bear rolled them to the side, and she snuggled back against his warm, fuzzy chest. His cock remained nestled in her clutching pussy. She wondered if she was going to have to start wearing dildo underwear so she didn’t mourn the loss when he wasn’t around. “D’you think I could fuck that fabulous ass of yours one day?”

“Mm-hmm,” she murmured sleepily, planting a kiss to the arm that cradled her head as she nodded. He could have fucked her ear tonight by the time he was done. Damn, she was boneless.

“Hot damn!” He nipped her ear with a soft laugh. His hands caressed her body with the barest of touches, keeping her pleasure and arousal on a low simmer. “You’re so fucking perfect, mate. Sexy, horny, adventurous, smart, sassy... just So. Fucking. Perfect.” She blushed as he accented each word with a fervent kiss to her neck and shoulder. “We’ll find you a job, Melody. There’s a university close-by run by a wolf shifter. He owes me a favor or two; I’ll see if he has any positions if you want. It’s not like being in the field, but it’s something.”

“Being in the field sucks rancid green donkey cocks.” Melody sighed as his cock finally softened enough to slide from her body. She was going to need a ten-gallon barrel of Epsom salts to soak out tonight’s aches. “I’d love to return to research, but teaching is a good second choice. Besides… if I went back into the field, I wouldn't have my insatiable bear to fuck me cross-eyed every night. That would make me a very cranky anthropologist.”

“Oh, it would, would it?”

“Quite. Seriously, Killian. Do you take like a bottle of Viagra a day? How can any one person stay that horny and hard?”

“How can you stay so wet and ready?” He countered with a teasing pinch of her nipple. “Some of it is due to the mating pull, the urge to fuck until we’re numb and sore and willing to mate if only to stop fucking ‘til we’re numb and sore. The rest? It’s pure nature, baby. You can’t tell me you didn't enjoy a fair amount of sex before we met. You’re a bit too open to new things for that.”

“True, but nothing like this. This is just off the charts!”

“Yeah. Ain’t it great?”

Laughing, she agreed. Killian rose from the cold ground and helped her to her feet. He carried her to a nearby stream to get cleaned up, joining her in the frigid water. To keep her warm, of course. They talked some more as he cleaned the dirt and mud from her back. She spoke of her dreams and goals, shaking her head in amazement as his cock swelled while he rinsed away their combined come. He answered her questions as he sat on a rock, tugging her onto his lap and sinking into her warm heat with a soft groan. The steady current provided an added sensation as Melody rocked on his lap. She stared her lover’s amazing green eyes as they made love, drowning in his joy and pleasure. It was real. All of it. This incredibly sexy, handsome, virile man was hers, and wanted to be hers forever. Did she want forever with Killian? Yeah, she thought she could definitely handle that. Smiling, she eased them towards completion, awed by the expression on his face as he joined her in release.

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