Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chapter 02

Killian ran through the forest, avoiding the crew’s cameras with ease. He had found her! He had found his mate at last! He roared his joy and excitement, sending a flock of skittish birds into the sky. He had spent most of the previous day watching the television crew hike through his territory and set up camp. The men were similar to the other legend hunters he had encountered over the years: loud, awkward, and uncaring that they destroyed or disrupted the flora and fauna of the areas they investigated. He had decided to leave them to their futile search when a shift in the wind brought the sweetest scent to his ursine nose. Lemon and honey mixed with musky human female created a fragrance that called to him in the basest, most carnal manner imaginable. After years of hunting, waiting, hoping, and despairing, Killian had stumbled across his mate in his own backyard.

Fate was a fickle, annoying bitch.

He had smelled her excitement by the stream, and considered approaching her. Then his cellphone chirped with an incoming message, and by the time he returned, she was gone. Killian followed her to the camp, watching her curvy body as she prepared her meal. He hadn’t intended to reveal himself, but was glad he had. Her stunning brown eyes watching him masturbate had added a heightened level of pleasure that he wanted to feel again. And again. And again. When she joined him, he had almost embarrassed himself by coming right then. Her scent had drifted on the wind along with her faint gasps and moans, making him harder than an iron bar and desperate to claim her. She was beautiful in her ecstasy, and he swore the next time she found release, it would be by his hand. And cock. And tongue. Oh yes, he planned to fuck his little human mate until she had no desire to ever leave him.

The large black bear triggered the gate’s latch and slipped inside the fence line. He stepped inside the pool house and emerged in his human form, wearing a pair of swim trunks and flip-flops. Trotting up the back stairs, he entered his house with a purpose. If the storm behaved itself, he would have the perfect opportunity to grab his mate and keep her for a while without her crewmates searching too hard to find her. He threw in a load of laundry and grabbed the broom and dustpan. Once she was in his home, he was certain he could convince her to stay.

He spent the rest of the day dealing with his clients for his computer networking business. Most were shifters, like him, but he hesitated to reveal that he had found his mate. He wanted her bedded, claimed, and promising to stay before he roared his joy from the rooftops. He kept a close eye on the storm, smiling when it stalled to the southwest. The fates redeemed themselves with the delay. As he drifted off to sleep that night, Killian asked a final favor from the fickle fates: let his mate bathe in the stream in the morning.

The next morning, Killian watched through the dew-drenched leaves, and decided that he must truly be blessed. Fate managed to redeem herself when his mate chose to bathe in the stream instead of the portable shower. He had missed her undressing the previous day so had enjoyed watching her peel away each annoying layer of clothing. His mate stripped away her snug shorts and clinging tank top, revealing generous hips and an impressive bust. He was a large man, most bear shifters were, and he’d always feared he’d break a small woman. He had no such fear with this one. Muscular thighs, round hips, a bit of extra padding around the stomach, and breasts that would overflow even his large hands tempted him as she frolicked in his stream. The sight of her large nipples, hardened by the icy water and begging for his mouth, had been his undoing. 

Without thought, he stepped from the leafy camouflage and tossed her over his shoulder. Grabbing her gear, he carried his delectable prize back to his home. He was surprised that she hadn't screamed or cried or asked any questions. He knew he was acting inappropriately, even for a bear. He needed to explain. He needed to show her he meant her no harm. He needed to pledge his heart and soul to her forever.

His cock, on the other hand, didn't care about the niceties. It tapped against his stomach in a not-so-subtle demand to bury itself into her warm pussy. It was more than a tad demanding. Then she grabbed his ass, and he stumbled from her obvious appreciation. When she scratched his back, he nearly spent into the bushes. Killian popped her ass to make her behave, only to be rewarded with a choked moan and the rising scent of arousal. Dear God, he was going to take her against a tree if they didn't reach his home quickly.

Slipping through the back door, Killian kicked the door shut, tossed his mate’s bag and clothing into the mud room, and continue into his living room. He eased her from his shoulder, enjoying the slide of her naked skin against his more than was legal at this stage in their relationship. His cock grew more insistent by the second and thrummed against her soft stomach as a reminder of its needs. The arm of his couch was looking mighty enticing. He wondered if she’d be amenable to a quick tumble before introductions were made.

“You’re naked.” Large brown eyes set in an oval face framed with ebony curls pierced his soul. He tenderly cupped her cheek, brushing the smooth skin with his calloused thumb.

“So are you.”

“I know. I should be terrified. Why am I not screaming and running for the door?”

“You know I won’t hurt you.” Smiling, Killian trailed his fingers along her shoulder and down her arm, brushing those magnificent breasts. “We belong to each other, you and I. Soul mates. I knew you by your scent.”

“Do you know how full of shit that sounds?” He blinked in surprise as she backed away, and then practically drooled as she crossed her arms and pressed those amazing mounds into a bounty of soft flesh. “I mean, I fully admit that you’re ridiculously gorgeous, toned, and sexy. I also confess to being mesmerized by your incredible ass, but that doesn't mean we’re soul mates. I’m pretty mesmerized by Hugh Jackman’s ass as well, but we’re not riding off into the sunset anytime soon. So, I am completely aware of how ludicrous this all sounds. Why, then, does it also sound completely… right?”

He smiled tenderly at the confusion in her voice, and tugged her back into his arms. Killian brushed her damp hair from her eyes, nudging under her chin until she looked up at him. His cock jumped when it was trapped between their bodies, reminding him that it wanted to be in a far better location. He urged patience even while scoping out the nearby wall. Her breathing changed, and he smelled her arousal once more. Her lemon and honey scent roused his sleeping bear.

“Because it is. Because you feel it, too. Because we have a connection that defies explanation.” Killian murmured with a growl from deep inside his soul. “And because of this.” Slanting his lips over hers, he plundered her mouth while palming one fleshy ass cheek in each hand. Someone moaned and he wasn't quite sure if it was her, him, or his aching cock seeking some form of relief. He didn't much care if it was her camera crew as long as she continued to squirm against him.

He lifted her into his arms, groaning when she wrapped her legs around his waist. His desperate cock, so close to relief, throbbed in protest at being further denied her succulent pussy. He pressed her against the wall, trailing his mouth down her throat in a hot, desperate path towards her breasts. The wetness that coated his aching cock when he got his first taste of her large nipple called to his inner animal. His chest grew a bit furrier, his nails a bit longer, his cock a bit wider. Growling, he nipped the taut peak as he gripped her plump ass. Holding her steady, he pulled back enough to place the smooth head against her open and waiting pussy, and thrust to the hilt in a single, fluid move. She moaned; he growled.

“Holy fuck, you didn’t tell me you were hung like a porn star!”

“Bear,” Killian rumbled against her breast. Though the angle was awkward and uncomfortable, it had been many years since he had seen such gorgeous tits. He wasn't about to give them up anytime soon. “Hung like a bear, my mate.”

“What-the-fuck-ever!” Gasping, she dug her nails into his shoulders as he pounded her against the wall. Picture frames bounced against the sheetrock, shaking loose to shatter on the hardwood floor.

Abandoning her breasts, he pulled her legs over his arms. With the changed the angle of his thrusts, his thick cock rubbed against her G-spot and drew such erotically delicious sounds from his panting mate. He watched the press and slide of his huge cock into her wet and waiting pussy, bare except for a neatly trimmed patch above her slit. He pressed against her clit with the pad of his thumb, careful of his lengthening claws, and roared when she clamped around his flesh with her orgasm.

Growling, he continued to stimulate the over-sensitive bundle of nerves, thrusting faster as he felt his balls tighten up. Her cries were a constant litany of pleas for more, littered with the most vulgar profanity he’d ever heard fall from such lovely lips. It encouraged him to fuck her faster, harder, and with deeper strokes than he had ever dared with a human. When she flooded his pistoning cock a second time, he released his tight self-control. Sinking his fangs into her shoulder, he emptied his balls into her waiting womb and thoroughly claimed this female as his own.

Gasping for air, he lapped at the blood seeping from his bite, soothing and healing the wound. The aftershocks of her powerful orgasm caressed his softening cock and threatened to coax him into another enthusiastic round. Killian supported her against his chest and dodged the broken glass from the shattered picture frames as he carried her to his bedroom. Since he refused to leave the warm cocoon of her contracting pussy, he lay her on the bed and then rolled so she rested on his chest.

“So, I suppose I should get your name,” he murmured as he stroked her sweat-slick back. Her throaty laughter echoed around the modest bedchamber, and stirred his disinterested cock back to life. Killian rolled her onto her back for round two.

He rumbled happily while his mate panted and twitched beside him. She was remarkably resilient for a human, stretching to take both his unusual length and intimidating girth with relative ease. Granted, when she came, her delightful pussy gripped his cock like an iron vise but that just added to her charm. He also enjoyed her aggression during sex, even if his back screamed in protest. Her short nails clawed at his back with every backstroke, leaving deep gouges in an effort to keep her greedy sex filled. If a few scars was the price he had to pay to keep such a delightful mate, he would invest in the first aid kit from hell. Killian never liked a docile partner.

Rolling onto his side, he brushed her ebony hair from her damp shoulders and peppered the soft skin with kisses. She moaned in protest, swiping at him with one aimlessly flailing arm. He caught her wrist, and suckled a finger into his mouth. Giving the digit a final nip, he resumed his tactile exploration of his mate. He lapped at the salty sweat along her spine, nipped her fleshy ass cheeks, and kissed each bruise on her hips left by his clutching fingers. When he spread her thighs to get his first taste of her intoxicating juices, Melody dislodged his seeking tongue and rolled over. She rose with effort to lean against the headboard, her impressive breasts heaving as she stared at him in disbelief.

“My God, Killian! Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Eventually.” He flashed her his most charming grin, as he eased her thighs open. Crawling forward, he rested her legs on his shoulders and took his first, delicious lick of her smooth pussy. “Though with you, I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired. You have the most gorgeous tits I've ever seen, the sweetest scent I've ever smelled, and the most delicious pussy I've ever tasted.” He pressed his tongue between her slick lips and teased her clit with its rough surface. Her soft moan encouraged him to continue. “Do you know how hard it was not to grab you from that tent yesterday and fuck you silly? I heard every moan and whimper when you watched me masturbate, smelled your come when you climaxed with me.”

“What? Oooh, yes, right there. Wait, what do you mean?” He thrust his tongue in deep, fucking her with the rough appendage. Killian pinched her clit when her hands pressed his face closer to her grinding sex. “Sweet baby Jesus, that can’t be natural! No, no, wait, I've never watched you jerk off.”

“Sure you have, mate.” His voice was muffled by her slick lips as he moved to tease her clit with his tongue. “Told you earlier. Hung like a bear. What did you think I meant?”

“Wait, wait, wait!” She scrambled out of his grasp, falling from the bed to land in a heap on the floor. “Are you saying that you and that X-rated bear are the same?”

“Yup. Now, get back up here, mate.” He licked her juices from his lips with a smack and reached for her. She scrambled backwards away from him. “What?”

“You… you have fangs!” She crab walked to the sliding glass door, and blindly searched for the handle. He wondered if she would do that again. It made her tits bounce in such delightful ways.

“Of course I have fangs. Bear, remember?” He sat at the edge of the bed, stroking his hard cock as his eyes devoured her nude body. “Besides, this at least should be familiar.” He indicated his twitching member with a grin.

“I don’t believe you. You've got those porcelain fangs the wannabe vamps like to wear. There’s no such thing as a bear that can turn into a man.”

“Perhaps not, but what about a man who can turn into a bear?”

And, with little more than a shudder, he did just that.


  1. I see why your having fun writing this story. Very erotic w/a sense of humor thrown in. This isn't your normal story but non the less it's fun to the way I giggled at the Hugh Jackman reference..... looking forward to chapter 3.

    1. Well, he does have a nice ass XD This story has been so much fun to write. I'm about to wrap up the final couple of chapters, I think, and then I'll try to find the "normal" me again. *snerk* maybe

  2. Adorable! Kinky funny wall sex-my FAVORITE! When do we get Ch3?

    1. lmao! This pair is so much fun to write. They'll auto-post on Wednesdays and Sundays (12:30am PST), so check back or drop your email in the box and get a reminder! It only gets more depraved from here.


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