Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chapter 09

The bear prowled the perimeter of the camp as the crew loaded up the truck with the tents and equipment. His mate looked delightfully disheveled, with her hair still mussed from her few hours of sleep and even more hours of wild sex. Once the final strap was tightened into place, Melody scanned the tree line, blew him a surreptitious kiss, and then joined the others in the truck. Killian grumbled all the way back to his home, but knew she would contact him as soon as she knew her hotel and room number. He had placed his phone number into her cell phone that night, and sent himself a text so he had hers. He wasn't about to let the craziness of their mating frenzy keep them from staying in touch.

As he entered the fenced-in back yard, he shifted smoothly from furry bear to very naked human. With nothing else to do now but wait, he showered, grabbed lunch, and sat down to work on some client contracts. Two hours later, his phone lit up with at least a dozen text message notifications. Easing his way out of the websites he had just hacked into, he jotted down the last of his notes on security holes and checked his phone. His dick threatened to rip a hole in his shorts at the images that popped up on his screen.

Melody’s first message was bland – name of hotel, room number, and that she’d left his name at the front desk to get a key. The rest were the horny bear’s wet dream come to life. Pictures of her in the bath, frothy bubbles outlining her gorgeous breasts and topping her rock-hard nipples. Pictures of her with her fingers deep inside her pussy and an accompanying message of wish you were here. Pictures of her in a waist-cinching corset thing that pushed her large tits into prominence and outlined the curve of her full hips and sweet ass. He drooled. His cock drooled. Wiping his chin, he transferred the photos to his computer, set up a slideshow, and stroked himself to completion staring at his sexy mate. His dick pouted, remaining half-hard in protest at the muted pleasure of a handjob over Melody’s sinfully tight pussy. He gave it a few more strokes in sympathy, confident they would sink back into her warmth soon. Stripping off his shorts, he took a second brief shower to rinse off the dried come and dressed in record time. Grabbing his phone, wallet, and lube – hey, he was taught to always be prepared – Killian darted out the door and aimed his truck for the hotel.

As the numbers dinged, he pondered the wisdom of undressing in the elevator. Sure, he might shock some old lady, but he’d be ready to pounce the moment the door closed behind him. He had freed the third button on his shirt when the elevator stopped to allow the requisite vacationing older couple onto the elevator. Though he greeted them with a polite smile, his dick returned to pouting. Now, he’d have to wait to undress. When the doors opened on Melody’s floor, he fled the elevator with unseemly speed, jammed the key card into the door, and entered… only to find his mate entertaining two of her crewmates in her room. He growled. His cock growled. It really didn't like the idea of more delays.

“Killian!” Melody ran over and gave him an enthusiastic kiss. She stroked her fingers over his bulging crotch before grabbing his hand and leading him towards a side door. “C’mon, I’ll show you where to put your bag, then introduce you to the guys.” The moment the door closed behind her, she launched herself at him and they tumbled onto the bed. Her hands roamed his body as she controlled their kisses, sliding under his shirt to pinch his small nipples, slipping beneath his waistband to rub his throbbing cock. God damn, his mate was amazing.

“Melody,” he groaned, rolling her onto her back and tugging her shirt above those magnificent tits. “As much as I’d love to fuck you ‘til the neighbors called security, you have guests in the outer room. Can’t we get rid of them?”

“I was kinda hoping, oh you wicked man not so hard, we could all play as a last hurrah sort of thing.”

“All of us, mate?” Both of his heads perked up in interest. That bobcat’s throat had been heaven when he purred around his cock.

“Yeah. I've been lusting for a taste of Terry since I started the show, and I know Brian wants a shot at your ass. What do you say, Killian?”

“We need a way to pull the human in. He could freak out if we just started getting naked.” A slow grin spread over his face at the thought of such hedonistic lust.

“Strip poker. I think he’d be game for that, and we can go from there. Brian is all for it.” He groaned when she rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. “Will you let him fuck you, my sexy bear? ‘Cause that would be so freakin’ hot.”

“I confess to being curious after the two of you showed me how good your fingers felt.

“Wonderful!” She rolled them so she pressed him into the mattress, sliding her tongue along his as she sank into their kiss. Her skin was flushed when she came up for air, and he again praised the Fates for sending him such a perfect mate. “I've already ordered up a snack tray and wine.”

Two hours, three trays, and a bottle of wine later, the players were in various stages of undress. Melody had declared the game should be played in the bedroom of the large suite, citing the ability of the kitchenette’s table to hide all the juicy bits. Terry blushed but agreed. The two shifters had merely shrugged; they weren't body shy in any way. They had decided that the winner of the hand had to remove an article of clothing, and Killian laughed at the many ways they all struggled to lose. Since folding was an automatic loss, it was forbidden unless the player was willing to remove a piece of clothing anyway. Inevitably, each player won a few hands and the clothing began to melt away. Shoes and socks had been the first removed; they were safe and unthreatening. Next went the pants. All the men wore some kind of underwear; Terry’s boxers hid all his assets while Brian’s speedos left little to the imagination. The bobcat’s tight shorts hid even less when Killian removed his jeans to reveal a pair of snug briefs that molded to his massive cock. When Melody shimmied out of her body-hugging jeans, Terry’s and Killian’s underwear struggled to contain their growing erections. Black lace stockings caressed her thick thighs, held up by garters that ended in a hot pink flirty bow.

“I recognize that,” choked out the bear shifter, a bit of drool forming at the corner of his mouth. “It’s some sort of corset thing, isn't it?”

“Yup.” Melody grinned, running her fingertip along the edge of her stocking. “Let me win a few more rounds and you’ll see what all it covers… and what it doesn’t.”

The men returned to the game with renewed determination. While Brian wasn't as interested in her massive breasts as the others, he seemed delighted with their effect on the two men. His eyes kept straying to Killian’s impressive rod straining against his briefs and the head of Terry’s thick cock peeking through the placket of his boxers. Killian ran his fingers along Melody’s stocking-clad inner thigh, content that his hand was exceedingly bad. From the blush on Terry’s face, the poor man must have excellent cards. He nudged his mate and traced the word FOLD on her thigh. She looked up from her cards, followed his gaze, and smiled. With a melodramatic sigh, she tossed her cards onto the carpet.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and fold.” She started on the buttons of her blouse, hiding her smile behind her hair. “I can’t sell my soul for those cards at a regular game, but let me need to lose and suddenly I could win the World Championship.”

Killian growled as she shrugged the thin material from her shoulders, baring her beautiful breasts to the room. The cool air crinkled her nipples into hard points, beckoning to him to warm them up with his mouth. Who was he to argue with such temptation? He palmed one of her heavy beauties and suckled the sensitive tip. The scent of her arousal, along with her soft moan went straight to his cock. Determined to find satisfaction, it poked through the slit in his briefs in search of her warmth. It was Brian’s turn to drool. And purr. The slim cat shifter tossed his cards aside and reached into Killian’s briefs to stroke his weeping cock. The bear lifted his ass so Brian could remove the offensive material, and caught Terry’s open-mouthed stare. As the cat swallowed his massive cock to the hilt, both Killian and Melody encouraged the shocked man to join them.

“They look a bit cold, don’t they?” He growled around one taut nipple as he worked the row of hooks down the back of the corset. Tossing the constricting material aside, he slid two fingers deep inside his mate’s ready pussy and pumped them slowly. “Why don’t you come help me warm them up?”

“Wh-what?” The older man’s boxers had given up on containing his straining erection, letting the drooling head point towards the erotic threesome. “I don’t think… I mean, I should probably…”

“What you should do,” Melody caught the stuttering human by his waistband and tugged, “is bring that gorgeous cock over here. I've been wanting a taste of that.”

“Are you sure? I mean, your boyfriend…”

“… is enjoying his own blowjob already.” His mate reached through the slit in the boxers, gripping the older man’s cock and caressing him with long, slow strokes. “Unless you want to leave?”

“Not really, no,” Terry groaned, shucking off his boxers and moving closer.

Killian grabbed his hand and guided it into Melody’s sopping pussy as both men latched onto her nipples. With so many mouths occupied, only her moans were heard in the room above the slurps, growls, and purrs. He urged her onto her knees, spreading her legs to open her body to their caresses. It took a couple of tries before he and the older human found a rhythm, but when they did they kept his mate full of thrusting fingers. He growled in approval when she cried out her first orgasm; a growl that hummed along the back of his throat as cool, slick fingers pressed into his tight ass. Brian had found the lube.

Turning Melody onto her hands and knees, he guided Terry’s dripping cock into her eager mouth. As the human’s eyes rolled back at the utter bliss of her skillful tongue, Killian pulled out of Brian’s throat and slid smoothly into her contracting pussy. Her muffled moans as she pressed back for more fired his lust further. Balancing firmly on the edge of the mattress, he tugged the disappointed bobcat shifter closer and kissed his first man. It wasn't anything like what he expected; it was much better. The cat’s soft purrs tickled his tongue, hardened his aching cock that rested snugly in his mate’s delightful pussy, and built his courage to the fore. He stroked the shifter’s throbbing dick and nodded towards the discarded lube.

“I think you’re going to need that if you want a piece of my ass.”

He chuckled at the shock on the two men’s faces. Brian’s turned immediately into eager delight as his cock coated Killian’s hand with its gratitude. Terry’s eyes darted between his own rather impressive dick disappearing completely down his crewmate’s throat, and the long, slender one getting slicked up by the visiting ghost hunter. Melody, unable to watch the debauchery directly, simply succumbed to another small orgasm. Killian gripped his mate’s hips as the blunt head of Brian’s dick pressed against his virgin ass. He forced his body to relax, pushed out as if to expel the intruder, and groaned when it popped past his sphincter. It burned! It ached! It felt fucking amazing! Brian gentle hands stroked his back, his ass, and cupped and teased his balls to help him relax further as his dick ploughed deeper into no-man’s-land. But Killian didn't want gentle. He wanted to fuck and be fucked. With a grunt, he pushed back against his feline lover until he felt coarse hair brush his ass.

Holy fucking shit, that felt awfulgoodhurtswonderfulgoddammitYEAH!

With a roar, Killian set a bruising pace. His energetic thrusts into his mate’s quaking body pushed Terry’s cock deep into her throat, much to that man’s groaning delight. They also pressed his ass onto Brian’s probing cock, which found and lovingly caressed his prostate with glee. He felt the bobcat’s purrs deep in his ass, an unusual but bone-meltingly glorious sensation, adding just one more level of hedonistic pleasure to the glorious fuck-fest. He grabbed Melody’s hair in his meaty fist and held up her head to watch her coworker’s thick cock disappear into her mouth. From the expression on the older man’s face, his mate was utilizing all of her skills – of which there were many. Terry had grabbed both her beautiful, swaying breasts, using them as leverage to counter-thrust until her nose bumped his stomach. Melody rewarded him with a low humming moan around his dick that brought a curse of pure ecstasy from her former boss. When Killian rubbed and pinched her hard clit, her cries grew louder as she clutched at him through another orgasm.

Fuck yeah!

Brian’s claws kneaded his hips as the bobcat made a slight shift towards his animal. The probing, vibrating cock that was fucking his ass grew, thickened, and melted another part of Killian’s brain. The slight pain, combined with the pressure and fullness, caused his own shift towards his bear, increasing his girth inside his moaning mate. The sounds in the room were reminiscent of a gang-bang porn film, or a truly depraved version of Wild Kingdom – moans and cries of ecstasy were punctuated with growls, purrs, and roars. The result was an orgasmic domino effect. Terry’s head banged against the wall as he emptied his balls deep into Melody’s stomach; her moans, hums, and sinful tongue drew out his pleasure until he melted into a man-shaped puddle on her bed. 

With the chance of her biting the older man now removed, Killian drew her back against his chest and sank his fangs into her shoulder as his unnaturally large cock threatened to tear her pussy in half. He growled as her entire body clenched and shook with the force of her release. Her cunt gripped his cock so tightly he feared it would break, but still he forced it into her slick passage to prolong her pleasure. Like a powerful fist, it stroked him until he emptied his balls deep into her womb, unaware that his ass was treating Brian’s thrusting dick to some incredible fisting of its own. The bobcat let loose a feline roar, pumping Killian’s ass full of hot, sticky come and drawing another rumbling growl of sated lust from the randy bear. The scent of sex hung in the room like a hazy fog as moans tapered off into whimpers, roars settled back into purrs and gentle rumbles, and pounding cocks slid wetly from their receptive orifices. The foursome collapsed onto the bed in a naked, sated pile of twining arms and legs that stroked and caressed whatever piece of flesh they found. Lips kissed, tongues danced. It was a wonderfully successful debauchery.



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