Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chapter 10

Melody sighed in blissful contentment between Terry and Killian. Her throat was a bit raw, her pussy was a bit sore, but she was still floating on the intense sexual high of their group coupling. With her bear snuggled against her back, she smoothed her hands over Terry’s chest, hips, and back. God, she loved men! Sure, some could be real assholes, but for the most part men were simply delightful. Hard muscles, firm cocks, coarse hair, and wonderfully agile tongues all contributed to her absolute love of the male body. She pulled him in for a kiss, stroking her tongue along his as she pressed their bodies together. She captured Terry’s groans and returned them when his hands gripped her ass to grind his twitching cock against her sodden cunt. Hell, yeah, she loved men.

“This is crazy, you know that?”

“Yeah, it probably is – oh yeah, a little harder,” she gasped when Terry bit down on her nipple. Her bear had given her a new love of harsh treatment to her tits and the human was being far too gentle with them. “But damn if it ain’t fun!”

“You got that right,” Killian growled over her shoulder. “My ass is going to be sore for a week, but hot damn that felt amazing!”

“Remember that when you want to stick that monster cock of yours in my ass.” Melody giggled.

She rolled onto her back to pull her sexy mate into her arms, then sighed when both men latched onto a taut nipple. When a scratchy tongue rasped along her slit, she peered down to see Brian’s amber cat’s eyes staring up at her. He winked, pressed his tongue deep into her pussy, and purred. “Shitdamnfuck and holy hell!” The expletives tumbled from her lips like a slinky on an escalator. The more she cursed, the deeper his tongue fucked her, and the louder he purred until she was reduced to babbling pure nonsense interspersed with random graphic curses. Killian pulled one of her legs over his thighs, and Terry followed suit, spreading her wide for the talented, raspy, and agile tongue of the bobcat shifter. Her body protested, whining that it was too tired and sated for more pleasure, but succumbed with an orgasm that curled her toes and coated Brian’s face with her juices. She lay panting as spots danced before her eyes, too tired to push the men from her tender breasts. Then Brian sucked her clit into his mouth and pressed a finger deep into her ass, and her world exploded again.

She woke to the sound of heavy breathing, deep moans, soft growls, and loud purrs. Her eyes widened at the sight of Killian’s massive cock disappearing into Brian’s slender ass. She drooled. God, that was so fucking HOT! The bobcat was purring around Terry’s revived member. It was decadent. It was sexy as fuck. It was missing one important person: namely, her. Not willing to be left out for long, Melody grabbed the lube and slithered between the purring cat and the older yet virile team leader. Pressing the bottle into Brian’s hand, she sank onto Terry’s cock with a moan.

“You guys started without me. No fair!” She rocked on the older man’s lap, humming with pleasure at how well he filled her. He wasn’t as massive as her bear, but still thick and long enough to tickle her fancy. The man’s face was priceless as he gazed up at her in shock. “What? Did you really think you were going to leave this room without getting at least one good fuck? Just keep an eye on Killian,” she winked and nipped at his lips as she felt the first touch of slick, cold fingers probe her ass, “he’s dangerous with that cock of his.”

The bear in question chuckled in a very growly way, his dangerous cock buried balls deep into the slim man in front of him. Melody giggled as he pulled Terry, and thus her, to the edge of the bed where Brian was slicking up his cock. She arched her back, pressing her generous breasts into her partner’s chest while raising her ass to the shifter behind her. He released a sound somewhere between a growl and a purr as he eased his cock into her puckered hole. Though it had been a while since she’d had a real, live dick in her ass, she remembered the sting, the burn, the sense of aching fullness. Having one in each hole, however, was a new sensation even for her adventurous nature. She felt like they were going to rip her in two.

And then someone moved.

She didn’t know if it was Terry, Brian, or Killian, but someone’s thrust moved all four of them, and her pussy and ass exploded into celebratory fireworks. Her nipples tightened until they rivaled diamonds. The coarse hair on Terry’s chest scratching and teasing and making her moan. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she ravaged his mouth, licking and sucking and tasting every inch. Cannons exploded. She was a one-woman Independence Day Show, with the main event centered on her stuffed crotch. Pleasure raced along her nerves and brought with it a bad case of Tourette’s. She cursed and moaned and begged as she rocked against the twin cocks impaling her. When Brian grabbed her hips, he and Terry began an alternating rhythm so that she was never left wanting. The thick cock in her pussy slid along her slick walls, rubbed her G-spot, and ground against her hard clit, while the slimmer but longer one stimulated her sensitive asshole and filled her bowels. The purrs were an added bonus; he was a living vibrator that reduced her mind (and ass) to a blob of hypersensitive jelly. Killian’s thrusts into Brian’s ass added strength and depth to the bobcat’s enthusiasm. Once again, the room echoed with the unusual sounds of human and animal lust. It was a miracle none of the hotel guests had called animal control on suspicion of inappropriate relationships with house pets.

By this point, Melody didn't much care if the hotel guests came up to watch. Had the police or human officers come to the door, she would have probably invited them into the orgy. Especially if they had nice thick cock to suck on. She was overloaded with sensation to the point that she couldn't count her orgasms as they rolled through her; they just blended into one gigantic OHMYFUCKINGGOD! Killian roared his release first, rattling the bottle of lube off the nightstand and jarring a picture from the wall. Brian followed next, pumping Melody’s clutching ass full of hot come with a satisfied purring grunt.  She thought she would have a moment to relax, but Terry had turned into a fucking machine. He rolled her over, threw her legs over his shoulders, and pounded hard into her sodden cunt. She clutched at his hips, uncertain if she wanted to push him away or pull him into her even harder. The bobcat settled it for her. He thrust his lubed fingers into the older man’s ass, which had Terry fucking and getting fucked at the same time. When Brian cradled his balls and rubbed his prostate, Terry gave a roar worthy of a shifter and coated Melody’s pussy with his come.

The older man eased her legs from his shoulders, burying his face in her warm, soft cleavage. He moaned as Brian coaxed another twitch and spurt from his wilting cock. Once more, they all collapsed onto the bed in a heap of tangled arms, legs, and sweaty bodies. She snuggled into her mate’s chest, shuddering when his fingers gave her another gut-wrenching orgasm. Then another. His happy rumbles alerted her that he wasn't quite finished playing with her yet. She whimpered when the others joined in, touching and caressing her over-sensitive body and keeping her on that cloud of ecstasy. Tears seeped from her eyes, the bed was soaked beneath her splayed legs, and her vision swam when they finally allowed her some rest. She drifted on the edge of consciousness, aware of little more than the warm embrace of her mate and the quiet but indistinct murmurs of male voices.

She floated on a cloud of strong arms, giggling sleepily at the sensation of weightlessness. They carried her across the room, into the bathroom, and held her as they sank into the warm bath. Melody lay clasped again his chest while he bathed her aching, tingling body with gentle strokes of a soapy cloth. She skimmed her fingers along his thighs and over the strong arm beneath her breasts. There was no need for words. Her touch thanked him for his tenderness; his thanked her for her willing enthusiasm. They both thanked the fates for bringing them together. Hours later, they cuddled on the bed unwilling to give in to the aggressive pull of sleep.

“Killian?” She lay on her side surrounded by his body as he curled around her back. He had one arm cushioning her head, but bent so he could palm her breast. The other crossed her lower abdomen and gripped her hip, holding her ass snugly against his half-hard cock. It was a possessive yet protective embrace. She adored it.


“Will Brian tell Terry about you two?” She trailed her fingers along his muscular, hairy arms. She hadn't really lusted after big, hairy guys, but she definitely saw the appeal in her furry bear. It didn't hurt that he was hung like one. Her pussy twitched; she wasn't sure if it was in gratitude or protest. “I mean, about being shifters? Neither of you were exactly subtle with the roaring and purring and shit.”

“Yeah.” His breath tickled her neck, but she turned her head to receive his kisses along its length. His lips teased the bruised area, and his tongue felt heavenly on her sensitive skin. She melted a bit further into the mattress with a happy sigh. “It’s a touchy subject, especially considering his profession, but there’s no way not to tell him at this point.”

“I guess I shouldn't have included him tonight, huh?”

“Hush, mate.” She smiled when he nipped her neck, a shiver running up her spine at the subtle reminder of his mating bites. “Never regret being the wonderful, joyous, sexual creature that you are. While he has the ability to cause problems, neither Brian nor I believe he will. Besides, he ignored half what we were saying because he was too busy gushing over how talented your wicked mouth is, how he’s never known anyone who could take his cock into their throat like you did, or how sinfully tight your pussy was. He is definitely in some serious lust, Melody.”

“Yeah, well, he’ll have to fall in lust with someone else. I’m quite happy with my bear.”

“Are you really?”

“Hell yeah.” She joined in his laughter, bringing his hand to her lips for a quick kiss before returning it to her breast. “Great ass, massive dick, talented tongue, and stamina from hell? Check, please! Plus, you have a lovely house, a steady job, no chopped up bodies in the freezer, seem like a genuinely nice guy, and did I mention you have a very talented tongue? I mean, seriously dude. That thing needs a warning label! It’s all bendy and raspy and long. It’s like getting fucked with a fuzzy snake on steroids. The getting furry thing is a bit weird, but it’s not a deal-breaker.” Melody arched her neck to catch a glimpse of his ruggedly handsome face and piercing green eyes. Lifting a hand from his arm, she reached up to run her fingers through his shaggy black hair. “Hell yeah, I’ll keep you, mate. I’ll fight anyone who tries to take you from me.”

“Told you we were soul mates.”

“Yeah, you did, and I thought you were full of shit. Who knew?” Melody giggled and rolled onto her back. She pulled him on top of her, sighing happily as he covered her in his warmth. Though he rested most of his weight on his arms, she loved how he pressed her into the mattress as they exchanged gentle but deep kisses. Her tender pussy stung when he eased his thick cock into her warmth, but she wrapped her legs around his waist in eager welcome. They made slow, tender love that night before falling asleep, still joined together.



The end

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